Initial emission

Briefly, your neighbourly shitlord commentator heeds the call to arms from Milo Yiannopoulos, Vox Day et al in the struggle for maintaining freedom of speech. Dismantling hembrism, shutting down outrage culture, keeping fit, and building healthy relations form cornerstones in the monument to the demise of the globalists’ agenda. The road we travel together as disaffected denizens denotes our refusal to prostrate before whims of a vocal minority offering no workable solutions for obstacles on the path of self-actualisation.

Let’s take a moment to reflect upon those in the last year, and times previous, fighting for their creeds, going against the grain, and paving the way for sites like United Shitlords and others appearing assuredly within the year. We may not agree on some details; though, may we never forget the big picture. The undivided stand victorious.


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