In support of outspoken heroes

Full disclosure: United Shitlords stand to gain nothing from promoting the people and organisations in this post. We indulge in common interests only. This entry’s title and weev’s In defense of slandered heroes, part 1 share an intentional similarity.

We refer not to sandwiches but instead those admired for courage, bravery, and noble qualities. In times where speaking against a promoted narrative draws the ire and malice of a mob of its fervent followers, espousing positions counter to the vocal, opinionated minority comes with dire consequences. Many face hounding, loss of employment, or revoked business affiliations as a result of standing for any belief outside the ever-changing definition of acceptability by the regressive left.

Most in the silent majority, unable to risk their jobs and livelihood, find a voice for their views through others with less to lose or those in positions outside the influence of “social justice warriors”. Perhaps, some reading this entry want to support recent prominent figures in the push against censorship, silencing, and no-platforming on a variety of subjects. Those who’ve taken much of the heat over the years posses varying means for accepting financial assistance.

United Shitlords aggregated a list of heroes and heroines spending countless unpaid hours talking on live streams, appearing on national television, writing thousands of articles through time, attending protests, and working to turn the tide of political correctness. The table below doesn’t pretend all-inclusiveness nor claims the affiliations listed as exhaustive. We avoid assuming that all entries relate to each other and evade asserting the views expressed by those below coincide 100% with each other or anyone reading this submission.

Hero/heroine list, ordered alphabetically by first or only name
Hero/Heroine Support mechanism(s) Affiliation(s)/renown
Hero Support Affiliation
6oodfella PayPal anti-feminism
8chan/InfinityChan cryptocurrencies #GamerGate
Andrea Hardie/Janet Bloomfield/JudgyBitch PayPal anti-feminism
Ann Coulter bookings, books everything
Andrew Auernheimer/weev cryptocurrencies hacktivism, white nationalism
Anthony Cumia subscriptions free speech
Atlantic Centurion/Laurence Murray Bitcoin white nationalism
Armoured Skeptic Patreon anti-feminism, #GamerGate
Ayla/Wife With A Purpose merchandise anti-feminism, white nationalism
Ben Garrison/GrrrGraphics Patreon, PayPal free speech
Blonde in the Belly of the Beast Patreon anti-feminism
Breitbart advertise everything — we’re joining The Daily Stormer in the boycott of Breitbart until they fire Milo Yiannopoulos.
Brett Stevens books anti-feminism, MRM
Cassie Jaye Kickstarter MRM, Red Pill
Cathy Young Patreon anti-feminism#NeverTrump
Château Heartiste PayPal anti-feminism, PUA, Red Pill
Christina Hoff Sommers/Based Mom Amazon Store #GamerGate#NeverTrump
Counter-Currents Publishing PayPal, subscriptions white nationalism
Daily Stormer Bitcoin, cash, check anti-feminism, white nationalism
Dana Loesch books gun rights#NeverTrump
Darwin Digest Bitcoin, LiberaPay, PayPal HBD
David Duke books, DVDs and VHS, t-shirts free speech, white nationalism
Dean Esmay donations, Patreon MRM — defended Köln rapefugees, cucks on white nationalism
Dennis Wise/The Greatest Story Never Told DVDs, eBooks white nationalism
Drudge Report advertise everything
Emily Youcis Patreon white nationalism
Erin Pizzey books anti-feminism, MRM
Ethan Ralph/The Ralph Retort Patreon, PayPal anti-feminism, free speech
Fash the Nation Bitcoin and others white nationalism
Gavin McInnes subscriptions neomasculinity — cucks on white nationalism, working to subvert the #AltRight
Grandpa Lampshade Bitcoin, Google Wallet white nationalism
Identity Evropa Bitcoin, memberships, PayPal white nationalism
Intersectional Alt-Right Patreon, PayPal white nationalism
Jack Donovan books neomasculinity
Jared Taylor donations, merchandise free speech, white nationalism
John Derbyshire PayPal free speech, white nationalism
John R. Lott, Jr. Amazon Store gun rights
June Lapine/shoe/shoe0nhead Patreon anti-feminism, #GamerGate
Karen Straughan Patreon, PayPal anti-feminism, #GamerGate, MRM
Kevin MacDonald/The Occidental Observer money order, PayPal white nationalism
Krista Milburn charity support anti-feminism, MRM
Larry Correia books #SadPuppies
Lauren Southern advertise anti-feminism, #GamerGate
Loren Feldman subscriptions free speech
Margaret MacLennan Patreon free speech, #GamerGate
Mark Steyn merchandise free speech
Matt Forney Amazon Wish List, Bitcoin, check, money order, Patreon, PayPal anti-feminism, white nationalism
Mercedes Carrera products #GamerGate
Michael Rivero checks, merchandise, PayPal everything
Mike Cernovich Amazon Store anti-feminism, free speech, #GamerGate, neomasculinity — working to subvert the #AltRight
Millennial Woes Patreon free speech, white nationalism
Million Dollar Extreme cryptocurrencies, PayPal, Patreon anti-feminism, free speech
Milo Yiannopoulos booking, tour tickets anti-feminism, #GamerGate, MRM — working to subvert the #AltRight
Mundane Matt Patreon, PayPal #GamerGate
National Rifle Association donations gun rights
Natural News advertise health
Paul Elam checks, PayPal, Patreon anti-feminism, MRM
Paul Joseph Watson/Prison Planet checks, PayPal anti-feminism, free speech — cucks on the JQ
Paul Ramsey/RAMZPAUL merchandise, PayPal free speech, white nationalism
Quintus Curtius consultations neomasculinity
Radio Aryan Bitcoin white nationalism
Radix Journal/Richard B. Spencer donate white nationalism
RealClear Politics advertise everything
Red Ice memberships, merchandise anti-feminism, free speech, white nationalism
Ricky Vaughn Bitcoin anti-feminism, free speech, white nationalism
Roosh V books anti-feminism, #GamerGate, neomasculinity
Salting the Earth Podcast Bitcoin, Paypal white nationalism
San Telmo Productions advertise MRM
Sarah A. Hoyt books, PayPal #SadPuppies
Sargon of Akkad Patreon anti-feminism, #GamerGate — cuck
Shannon Guy/HoneyBun Shannon/Liberal Lunacy merchandise anti-feminism
Stefan Molyneux/Freedomain Radio Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies anti-feminism, HBD
Steve Sailer Bitcoin, Bitcoin (USD), Checks, Google Wallet, PayPal, QuickPay, SurePay, VDARE free speech
TagTheSponsor Merchandise anti-feminism
Taoist – Insight PayPal free speech
Teal Deer/TL;DR Patreon anti-feminism, #GamerGate
That Guy T Patreon anti-feminism
The Krypto Report Bitcoin white nationalism
The Right Stuff Bitcoin, PayPal anti-feminism, free speech, white nationalism
Tommy Sotomayor merchandise, music, Patreon, PayPal free speech
Tor Ekeland Bitcoin, credit cards free speech
Voat Bitcoin free speech
Vox Day Amazon Store #GamerGate, #SadPuppies — working to subvert the #AltRight
Warren Farrell Amazon Store MRM
Wendy McElroy books free speech
Zero Hedge merchandise, PayPal everything

These heroes and heroines documented here work part- or full-time to bring us content, views, and analyses we use to shape our world views and enlighten our companions. Some of them cannot find gainful employment due to a social climate which ostracises anyone deviating from mainstream views. Take some time today, thank them, and provide any support possible using their chosen channels documented here.

Edit: We update this list periodically based on reader submissions. If you want to see someone on this list, post their name, website, support mechanism, and affiliation(s). This list identifies Jews and Shabbos Subversives even though some of their politics work.

21 thoughts on “In support of outspoken heroes

  1. Others who deserve our gratitude:

    Steve Sailer

    Twitter: @porter14159

    Ricky Vaughn
    Twitter: @Ricky_Vaughn99


  2. If you have Drudge, you should definitely have Breitbart! Brietbart is more explicitly right-wing/anti-SJW


  3. The other Sad Puppy leaders have blogs too! and, for Sarah Hoyt and Larry Correia, for instance. How to support? BUY THEIR BOOKS. You’ll probably enjoy the books anyway, so it’s a double win.


  4. How about:

    Sam Hyde and MDE (Million Dollar Extreme) – has a patreon

    TRS/ – takes paypal donations


  5. Anthony Cumia* started his own podcast network after being fired from Sirius XM for “hateful tweets” definitely should be on the list. Gavin McInnes has a subscription show on the network.


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