Compliance or defiance

We understand and accept that women, more emotional than logical, make less optimal choices compared to men based on the last half century of female-driven mating selection and governmental policies implemented in developed nations. You may elect to rerun this experiment of allowing a women unrestrained self-determination on a small scale in your household if surrounding yourself with failure excites you. Otherwise, your job entails managing her time and chores in an improved fashion.

Two options exist when examining how a woman fields your wants and needs:  compliance or defiance. Does she complete the tasks you assign her to your liking? Resolved, of course, means at least 80% or better as you achieve normally. Impart to her all the information, strategy, and resources for success without assuming she reads minds.


Let’s examine compliance. These traits increase positive outcomes. Your woman handles tasks:

  • with a smile on her face;
  • orderly and efficiently;
  • to the best of her ability;
  • involving as little of your time as possible;
  • removing all the obstacles she can;
  • without requiring much follow up;
  • learning something new;
  • sharing her acquired knowledge;
  • in a results-oriented way;
  • seeking a resolution beyond your requirements;
  • striving to improve the outcome always;


Sadly, we must discuss defiance. It seems many modern women fit poorly as long-term partners. If any of these warning signs appear, your choice involves persevering with her or pivoting to another if the battle shows no signs of victory.

More than the inverse of the previous list, take notice if she:

  • backtalks;
  • presents a snarky attitude;
  • resists the task;
  • shows little drive;
  • lack discipline;
  • fails to provide follow up;
  • causes you to solve problems for her much of the time;
  • exhibits substandard organisation skills;
  • finishes tasks at the bare minimum;
  • fails to understand priorities;
  • spends more time on her desires than assigned duties;

Parting words

As a human, the standard limitations apply. Consider how much you complete in a day or the time a task takes you. Add 20% and you arrive at her best case scenario. Kindness and firmness form two pillars of understanding crucial for the advancement of any partnership in today’s world. Make it work, gentlemen.


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