Twitter controls the conversation

From the enormous backlash observed via #RIPTwitter, we conclude effectively that many tweeters find the new timeline algorithm unfavourable. Based on our interactions with the platform, this sentiment seems valid. We present a short list of observations on Twitter’s new content delivery mechanism:

  • After leaving the browser window open for some hours the other day, only 56 new tweets appeared in our feed. The accounts we follow post often nearly always;
  • For a short time after rolling the changes, we didn’t see our responses to tweets in our feed any more, as if they became tarpitted. However, Twitter reverted this behaviour, at least temporarily;
  • We posited that Twitter couldn’t shadowban all those we follow. However, at certain “peak hours” of the day, our timeline contains very few entries;
  • The rate at which tweets appear in the timeline dropped significantly. We multitask while using the Internet and noticed that Twitter’s distraction ability diminished greatly this week due to the aforementioned;

Identifying the above requires more digging. What precipitated these changes? Responding to consumer complaints and engaging in dialogue forms part of any workable model for user acceptance. Profitable marketing campaigns or product pushes use the same strategy.

What if one cares not for feedback and wishes only to implement an agenda? Milo Yiannopoulos answered this question in a recent article. Successful mitigation of ideas which run counter to the establishment’s end game involves controlling the conversation.

Watch globalists stop at nothing to prevent Donald Trump from winning the United States presidential election this year. We witnessed Facebook and Reddit removing groups and silencing discussions, respectively, which contain any criticism of the rapefugee debacle in the European Union. With big money groups pulling back their resources, we assume simply they mean to gather and save strength as the battle turned more difficult than they estimated.

People feel disenfranchised after more than a century of living in a debt-slavery society perpetuated by a central bank, owned by reserve banks under foreign management. Connected even more so than the previous election, the flow of information flies over too many channels for the oligarchical puppet masters to manipulate efficiently. Keep fighting, continue writing, and spread the word that the developed world fancies not the economic structures of developing and underdeveloped nations.


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