Ruining women’s last bastion

Not content with destroying nearly every aspect of themselves which arouses sexual urges in men, strumpets took the final step with the adoption of laryngealisation. Now, that snarky, dishevelled, social justice blogger you bagged at the bar last night can greet you in the early hours of the day with all the candour of a croaky Tom Waits. Good morning, shitlords!

We detailed a few of women’s qualities which guys appreciate in Compliance or defiance. One may find a more complete list by perusing articles within the ‘sphere as well. Let’s recount a short set of them:

  • beauty;
  • caring;
  • good cook;
  • knows mending;
  • long hair;
  • nice;
  • soft, higher-registered voice;
  • submissive;
  • tactful and diplomatic;
  • thin;
  • youth;

Best wishes in winning an argument that these characteristics exist in most modern Brosephines inhabiting developed countries. Finding countless examples of the contrary abound in real life and online. We need not link them all here.

Even with high rising terminal, stomaching the blandest of conversations with chicks poses no problem. Though, let’s add a low tone and popping to the mix. How about your willingness to allow her ramblings to proceed unfettered?

United Shitlords advocate the cessation of giving a pass to girls for the stupidest trivialities. Henceforth, talking in the vocal fry register costs the slatterns one (1) hotness point. Tell your boner to pack up shop if this causes her overall rating to fall below your standards. Start demanding more and better from the broads in your life.


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