Searching for “Trump Wisconsin” without quotes returns a lot of unfavourable articles about the Trumpenführer. Took a bit of scrolling to find this one.


Out of 50,000 potential voters polled – REAL people of Wisconsin, surveyed by,  The Donald leads Lying Ted by 13 points, 34% to 21%.

Real Clear Politics poll the LYING MEDIA are relying on shows Cruz leading Trump in four different March 2016 polls, the total survey sample of which is less than 2,400.  But if they really did an honest poll like – sampling a large segment like 50,000 people…they wouldn’t be able to play their head games with the public.

card 1fe

It is obvious when a hundred or two people show up for a Cruz event, and Trump has filled an auditorium to capacity with thousands and there are thousands more listening outside on an intercom….that what the media is saying does not match what our eyes, ears, and boots on the  ground are experiencing!

It is getting harder and harder for the crooked establishment pawns and puppet masters to pull these lies…

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