Cracks in Babel

The Kakistocracy

Did you hear it? That is the sound of globalist jenga blocks striking the deck. I am not one often susceptible to the siren of optimism, though the successful Brexit initiative is nearly enough to crack a grin. Because when a structure becomes unstable, the first block to fall is rarely the last.

Already sovereignty advocates in other European states are beginning to clamor for their own glimpse of sunlight. And the phenomenon is not limited to that continent. Fractious Texans are also chaffing under the bridle of distant lords. It may even be possible that the ambitions of petty Tyrants of the Bureau are equaled by the desire of common men to thwart them.

For European integration was only the Brexit vote’s exterior facade. The underlying structure was a referendum on the Liberal Order: mass immigration, demographic submersion, cultural petri-dishing, industrial offshoring, surveillance states, citizen disarming, and verbal duct-taping.

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