Path forward for civilising societies

By civilised societies, let’s look at nations of majority white populations as few others lack social cohesion while being homogenised racially. Even in Africa, countries with varying ethnicities encounter difficulty keeping the ship on course although they congeal racially. Only in nations with populations descending from various European states we observe a fault in racial heterogeneity.

In this article, we focus on the United States which contain the most white people of any country. However, this model could work for Europe as well if they get their act together long enough to see it through completion. Now, the only question we must ask ourselves deals with our possessing the courage, will, and honesty to implement the necessary steps to reclaim North America and Europe from hostile, invading forces.

Take a moment to review the following truths which scientific studies on the topics support:

  1. Democracy, where enforced, ceases to exist in societies where the average IQ falls under 90;
  2. Blacks in the US maintain a mean IQ of 85, almost an entire standard deviation less than the white population;
  3. Throughout the last 40 or so years of improving education and increased technology available in the US, black IQ stays the same while the IQ of whites incremented slightly;
  4. Intellect correlates moderately to cerebral mass. Blacks tend toward smaller brain sizes than whites;
  5. We observe the same positive direct relationship between intelligence and income;
  6. The population projection for Africa in the coming years eclipses that of Europe by several multiple;

Therefore, we can draw the following conclusions:

  1. Blacks cannot self-govern, as they lack the intelligence to make it work. We see evidence of this in cities which elect a majority black governance. If one harbours any doubts, please check the status of:
    • Detroit, Michigan;
    • Baltimore, Maryland;
    • Ferguson, Missouri;
    • any country in sub-Saharan Africa;
  2. Efforts to railroad blacks into augmenting their critical analysis skills fail. As a function of time, any improvement leaves them another level below the white population still;
  3. By biological design, no matter how much funding we pump into social programmes, blacks remain behind whites due, in part, to less cranial content;
  4. Die Schwarzen Menschen earn significantly less than other races;
  5. The black population’s explosion owes its cause to the rise in social welfare programmes which, for example, provide free medical aid and supplies to Africa;
  6. As the number of people with sub-Saharan African lineage increases, the overall IQ of the US decreases;

How do we exit the mess in which we find ourselves mired? Some decisions, difficult for those reared in the equalist participation trophy generation, require our immediate action. As always, United Shitlords advocate a swift and heavy hand in dealing with said issues:

  1. We must stop sinking money into endeavours which show no signs of success;
  2. Repeal affirmative action legislation and discentivise any “quotas” or other diversity nonsense in the workplace;
  3. Return our societal standards to those which white people set;
  4. Stop making excuses for the shortcomings of minorities, many of which genetics explain easily;
  5. If non-whites cannot live by these requirements in education, labour, and civic life, they must return to their countries of origin;
  6. With respect to negroes in the United States, the above implications entail their second class citizenship status, for the most part. Those in disagreement we encourage their return to Africa as they espouse the need for black ethnostates;

Using these few simple modifications to government policies, workforce regulations, and judicial upholding of the law, the US, and other countries of European origin (if they choose to participate), retain the possibility of beating back the tide of degradation and degeneration of our mostly model communities and mores which began in the 1960s with the liberalisation of the migration system. Don’t take #TheBlackPill, gentlemen. They know us by our ability and dedication to solve complex problems and surmount seemingly impossible obstacles.


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