Let’s not Balkanise the US

Several compatriots in the #AltReich (the Alternative Right faction which addresses Die Judenfrage) discuss, at various times, the Balkanisation of the United States. We at this blog see said solution as unacceptable. Hear us to the end of this argument.

What reason justifies ceding ground to a hostile, uncooperative minority who manages resources and time at substandard levels of performance? Looking at the big picture, do we stand to gain anything long-term, considering the assured result of their self-governance as a function of time? Put your property on the line and yourself in the shoes of a displaced person. Ready to leave the land your family worked so hard to cultivate, maintain, and gift to their posterity?

As Grandpa Lampshade and Fascist Lemming discussed in a recent Frogcast, without The Enwhitenment, we stand no chance of retaining any solid ground on addressing the root cause of the problem which landed us in this mess initially. Furthermore, as Lawrence Murrary wrote in Mapping the Rising Tide, screaming our last hurrah in the cold wintery woods of the Second Vermont Republic, surrounded by rabid, club-wielding non-whites, cries far from an ideal end to the sordid tale of whitey’s demise. Can Whitopia exist again in modern times?

Approximate map of the Nine Nations of North America with each of their capitals
The Nine Nations of North America, used under the terms of CC BY 3.0.

At United Shitlords, we specialise not in divination but instead in recognising the patterns around us. In 2010, the Dominican Republic changed their constitution containing modifications to an article which, in effect, stripped citizenship from anchor babies, their children, and grandchildren going to 1929, gentlemen. They purged anyone with a Haitian-sounding surname from the civil registry! Certainly, if this developing country finds the agency and gonads to execute informed decisions about their demographic future, we in the developed world must take note, acknowledge such brazen acts of shitlordery, and ask ourselves how close we can come to emulating these advancements.

Issuing a judicial ruling of the 14th amendment, as Senator Jacob Howard delineated clearly in 1866, to clarify its application to children of current US citizens marks the first stone on the path to righting this ship. Allow the paddywagons and deportation squads to roll through neighbourhoods, cleansing them of Ausländer, and marvel at the speed that the tide turns. Of course, The Great Wall of Trump precedes the aforementioned, as without it subsequent actions mean nothing.

With a society held to the standards of the descendants of European people, others in it may elect to self-repatriate to more demographically heterogeneous countries. Well wishes to them. This blog’s purveyors await eagerly their tales of success from the watering hole of tribal diversity, the sub-Saharan savannah.

We landed on the moon. This lies within our reach. Others executed the same under a decade ago.

Balkanising the US equals geopolitical cuckoldry. How about we stop talking about shrinking the country and start cheerleading for their return to the hands of those fit to govern? Reality follows intention, after all. If the last current year tells us anything, it says loudly that meme magic exists.


3 thoughts on “Let’s not Balkanise the US

  1. Can’t get rid of 100 million people with the stroke of a pen. In areas where they are the majority they will not leave.


  2. US should be balkanized by respective white race. If we break up according to the map depicted we will be several white nations, with a Mexican infestation in the Southwest and a negro infestation in the Southeast and islands. These will be easy to deal with, but the fact is that American whites are not a homogenous group and ought separate.


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