Where Did They Go?

The Kakistocracy

Barring dramatic inflection of trajectory, it will take few terms before the US Supreme Court coaxes a prohibition on hate speech from a bashful Constitution. Then I suppose my life as an at-large criminal blogger will be concluded.

Aside from the quality decline in roommates, one of the things I will mourn at that time is the failure to have ever visited London. There was never cause in business, nor quite enough appeal in pleasure to motivate the trip.

And now the city has lost its allure entirely. Of course I mean that strictly from a financial standpoint, which is all that motivates rational homo economus. London simply doesn’t offer competitive pricing to see Pakistanis, when a top-5 hotel in Karachi can be had for $78/night. Listen to me closely: money is the only morality.

I’ve been reflecting warmly on that position recently. Motivated in part by this piece

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