Buffalo Wild Wings

Neolithic Oats

After a hard day at my 9-5 wage-slave fluorescent light-bulb bath, I like to drive down to the local strip mall, drive down and pull up a stool at BUFFALO WILD WINGS. I tell you what, nothing takes my mind off of this soul crushing existential nightmare-life like pulling up a stool at BUFFA-LOL WILD WINGS. Orderin’ up a couple BUD LIGHT LIMES, chowin’ down on some delicious, HOTT ATOMIC CHICKEN WINGS. Nothin’ beats it I tell you what, pulling out my NBA MARCH MADNESS DRAFT BRACKETS, nothing beats it I tell you what. When I’m thoroughly poisoned/inundated w/ ZOG BURGERS and BUD LIGHT LIME AKA ESTROGEN WATER AKA ANTI-AMBROSIA I’ll drive home to my fat, PIG disgusting wife (her name is SHARON). Crawl up in bed, nice and snug in my jammies, maybe knock back my SSRI’s with a bottle of fresh water, spring sourced, natural organic, artisanal, artisanally…

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