Civic nationalism equals slow burial

Lately, (((the media))) throw out a lot of talk about softening our stance on immigration. Presumably, we attribute this to wanting to secure more of the centrist/moderate votes. Another part of it might find roots in wanting to present a more “friendly” view of the Alt-Right.

We summarise this argument as “America for the Americans!” Of course, the implicit definition of “Americans” includes those immigrants with US citizenship in the United States already. Perhaps, some married into US citizenship, or squeezed out an anchor baby or two to seal the deal.

Let’s assume even more of these “Americans” — which we want to clarify at this point as “non-whites” — arrived one or two generations ago after 1965 when the Immigration and Nationality Act passed. Their offspring obtained US passports upon birth with their kids doing the same. See where this heads?

In summary, those who champion civic nationalism as some sort of “solution” allow the following use cases for non-whites:

  • Spouse of a United States citizen;
  • Spawn of non-US citizens present physically in the USA;
  • Their progeny;
  • Grandchildren of the aforementioned;

Call it a slippery slope if you wish. You ignore reality with your head in the sand if you choose this path. Lack conviction at this point? Consider historical perspectives.

Excerpt from index page of 19th century birth registry showing whites having the fewest children when compared to mulattoes and blacks.
Forget outbreeding them. The blackjack table gives better odds.

We at United Shitlords believe firmly in the importance of genealogy in cementing the appreciation, reverence, and acquaintance of one’s ancestry. As such, the residents at Shitlord Castle pour over centuries of census records from various countries on a regular basis. From our small sample, which readers can interpret as anecdotal, we conclude that whites stand no chance at competing with those of non-European backgrounds for the title of most prolific birthers.

“You argue an ad antiquitatem!” cry the logicians. Fine. How about some recent studies from real statisticians showing the average Hispanic at nine (9) years old?

Proponents of civic nationalism seem to posit that building the wall and deporting all illegal aliens fixes the racial makeup of a country instantly. Just fence in our people well and pretend those naturalised non-whites breed at a similar rate to maintain their small percentage as a minority population. Right, guys?

Surely, we possess more intelligence and insight to predict how that model progresses. Instead of the inundation we face today, our posterity meets their end slowly under the same conditions found in vibrant cities across the US now. Barring some advancement in minority agency or impulse control, no other outcome exists.

The “compromise” of civic nationalism amounts to a form of ideological cuckoldry. Don’t talk to us about reaching a middle ground while our countries burn. We want the demographics of the United States restored to 90-95% white, nothing less.

As always, if you disagree with anything posted in this submission, let us know in the comments section. We publish commentaries (much appreciated) which criticise articles written here too. Our writers bear a closer resemblance in practice to archivists rather than gatekeepers, so maybe we get something wrong occasionally.


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