Wu Wei: Chinese Meme Magick

We observe the idea of meme magic discussed in many Alt-right podcasts and blogs. However, some seem unsure about its nature and origins. We here at United Shitlords wish to present a view which evaded public discourse to date.

As with all ideograph-based languages, translating their abstractions into Romance and more Western languages proves challenging to capture the meaning without diluting its message. Notwithstanding, let’s play with the definition of wu wei (無爲) as “effortless action”. Consider “non-doing” as a useable substitute, among others.

The phenomenon of wu wei constitutes a key component of the practice of Chinese internal martial arts (neijia) like Tai chi and Hsing I. Regarding Hsing I especially,  the idea of one movement permitting the practitioner to obtain the rest “for free” prevails throughout the exercise. The connection between these ætheric handouts and adoption of the art by non-Asian minorities requires further investigation.

If we encounter ourselves trapped in the cause-and-effect paradigm of Western philosophy, how must this “non-action” get kickstarted initially? Enter wei wu wei, “action through inaction”.  Reads paradoxical in a way, right?

If it sounds interesting, don’t pack your bags for the monastery just yet. You can invoke this Chinese sorcery from the comfort of your… anywhere really. No robe nor wizard hat necessary.

Ai wei, gaijin.

Real world applications

These Eastern concepts look great on paper, but how can one apply them everyday? Bear with us, because a bit of what follows sails into the metaphysical territory. Scientivists, or those who turn the scientific method into a religion, find difficulty in processing this information due to the “irrefutable proof” jail of data and graphs in which they trap themselves.

Speeding tickets

You break the speed limit at 100 MPH in a 75 MPH zone. Police officer pulls you over roadside. Think you drive away ticketed or with your license revoked? Another possibility awaits and arriving there needs no effort on your part.

Before the cop exits his vehicle and approaches yours, picture your leaving the scene without a citation. Then, you remove yourself as an active participant in the interaction and play the witness for a change.  Imagine it as the equivalent of viewing a movie seen previously. You know how it ends, so you watch it play until the finish.

Abundance mentality

Mike Cernovich goes over this tenet heavily in his book, Gorilla Mindset. Those familiar with the pickup artist (PUA) community hear this thrown about regularly as well. In short, remember the “plenty of fish in the sea” idiom.

You lack stress about finding random sex participants or a long-term partner owed to the simple mathematics involved in the formula. Several of these examples live so deep in our brains that they escape our consideration. One such instance involves never fretting over whether the supermarket contains stocked items given the sheer amount of consumables in addition to the multiple stores in any area.

Thus, instead of harrowing over trivialities, you increase the time spent pondering different subjects of value. What you want comes to you. Overall, you experience less mental wear and tear on the path to your goal.

Honesty with oneself

Piggybacking upon the previous paragraph, perhaps the object of your desire isn’t found in plentitude. You yearn for something very specific. No problem!

Visualise the changes you require in your world. Speak with yourself frankly and honestly. Launch that projection into the universe and forget about it. What happens when your request arrives on your doorstep a week, a month, or perhaps a year later?

This might feel strange. Nevertheless, give it a shot. See what results you get. You lose nothing by running the experiment and it costs you little.

Relation to our movement

A fellow shitlord in arms sits on the toilet early morning before the daily grind begins. He clicks a link detailing a Moslem mayor’s actions in censoring adverts on public transport displays. Rather than allowing the readership to draw their own conclusions from the publication, he manipulates a simple image within 20 minutes that serves to railroad the viewers’ imaginations to a possible world in which all women in London wear a burkini to the beach. Then, the decision of whether or not to inhabit said reality rests on the user.

Producing this critical analysis within fellow humans demands no active energy from the author. After you create whatever material form houses your tulpa and infuse it with ulterior motives, send it out there and let it work. Use wu wei in all areas, too, such as business and love.

The political sphere

We propose that the correlation between the #SickHillary meme and her health taking an absolute nosedive shortly afterward equates to the deployment of wu wei on a mass scale. She took the place of a tree in the middle of a crowded stadium on which everyone focused their intentions to watch it burn. Alight it did, and the campaign crashed with no survivors.

People across the globe forced Brexit into life, enduring a similar onslaught from the mainstream media in the United Kingdom. Unfortunately for them, their memetics paled in comparison to ours. In the end, we fight this war on the astral plane in addition to this physical one, where matter condenses.

Additionally, notice all the peculiar coincidences with the revival of Kek, Pepe the Frog, Egyptian mysticism, and the ensuing chaos from its adoption. We cannot ignore these relations nor presume our lack of involvement in their reemergence. Like a few noted already, we continue to explore and chart new territory in the field of Esoteric Kekism.

As Dexter Yager stated in Don’t Let Anybody Steal Your Dream, “Stop and think; everything that we touch is the result of a dream made real.” When people ask what means magick, show them the power of the will in bringing thought into existence. Leave the wand waving and incantations to the LARPagans.

Thus, remove any doubt from your mind that Donald Trump loses the election in November. You traveled to the future, saw him ascend the podium, and understand this as the only outcome. Now, enjoy the film.

If the Black Pill does not exist within you, it holds no power over you. If you bought one and ate it by mistake, someone sold you a licorice candy and you got cheated. Blame the merchant, and insist on a refund.

Sense that despair and unease dissipating? Entertain no further “what if” scenarios. Only kek until victory, and triumph belongs to us.


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