Redpills from a Latvian shitlord

Edward Leedskalnin built Coral Castle. If you never saw pictures of it, check out that marvel of architecture. He took the details of the methodology used to create that structure to his grave.

As it happens, the guy possessed a level of shitlordery of which the cucks and SJWs of today’s world could not endure. In his publication, A Book in Every Home, he explored a subject titled “Ed’s Sweet Sixteen”. Let’s examine some of the jewels contained therein.

The consequences of female hypergamy

Anything that we do leaves its effect, but it leaves more effect upon a girl than it does upon a boy or a man, because the girl’s body, mind and all her constitution is more tender and so it leaves more impressions — and why should one want to be around anybody’s else impressions?

Regarding sloppy seconds

A girl is to a fellow the best thing in this world, but to have the best one second hand, it is humiliating.


Having such a case the present possessor would have to clean up the past performer’s effects. Now you see, to clean up the other person’s leavings, it is humiliating, so it would be a cheap and undesirable affair. I want one hundred per cent good or none.

No hymen? No diamond! (Blame mom.)

All girls below sixteen should be brand new. If a girl below sixteen cannot be called brand new any more, it is not the girl’s fault; the mamma is to blame! It is the mamma’s duty to supervise the girl to keep those fresh boys away.

The value of cougars

In case the girl’s mamma thinks that there is a boy somewhere who needs experience, then she, herself, could pose as an experimental station for that fresh boy to practice on and so save the girl. Nothing can hurt her any more. She has already gone through all the experience that can be gone through and so  in her case, it would be all right.

The cock carousel

The first degree love making is when the fresh boy begins to soil the girl by patting, rubbing and squeezing her. They start it in that way but soon it begins to get dull and there is no kick in it, so they have to start in on the second degree and keep on and then by and by, when the right man comes along and when he touches the girl, then he touches her like dead flesh. There is no more response in it because all the response has been worked out with those fresh boys. Why should it be that way?


Girls below sixteen should not be allowed to associate with the boys, they are practicing in love making, such a thing should be discouraged. Love making should be reserved for their permanent partners. With every love making affair, their hearts get bruised and by the time they grow up, their hearts are so badly bruised that they are no more good.

Emotional reasoning

According to my observation the girls are wrong in looking for their permanent partners. They are too quick. By being too quick, they only get those fellows with quick emotions. All quick emotions are irresponsible and short lasting.

The Friendzone

Boys and girls start out as friends and finish as disappointed lovers, now let me tell you. Male and female are never friends, a friend will not want anything from a friend, but a boy or a girl, one or the other, sooner or later, will ask for a little kiss, so they are not friends, they are lovers.

We want to quote the whole document and spoil it for you. Read it yourself, and make it mandatory literature for your partner and children (if applicable). Imagine the effects on society when these sorts of lessons permeate the curricula instead of the worthless drivel taught to kids these days.


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