Tales of white nationalist brotherhood

One of our rank walks to work nearly every day, not due to lack of funds, want for public transport, nor failing to hire a private driver, but mostly to exercise a bit. Yesterday, he spotted ahead of him a tall, young man with “14” tattooed on the back of his left calf and “88” on the other. He quickened his pace slightly to flank our shitlord in arms. The interaction went as follows:

United Shitlords ambassador: Hail victory, brother.

Serbian white nationalist:  What?

USA:  “14/88”

SWN:  Yeah.


SWN:  Where are you from?

USA:  Here.

SWN:  [Nationality?]

USA:  Yeah. You?

SWN:  Serbian.

USA:  What are you doing here?

SWN:  I came to visit [town], but I got lost and can’t find my way back.

USA:  The bus stop is right over there.

SWN:  I know, but they won’t take me for free.

SWN explained how he’d lost his possessions and didn’t know how he could return across the country. His destination lay over 200km from our location. USA walked off the street, retrieved a large bill from his wallet, and hailed SWN.

The white double-headed eagle of the Nemanjić dynasty of Serbia.
The white Serbian eagle flies another day.

USA:  Hey, take this.

SWN:  I wasn’t asking for…

USA:  I know, brother.

*USA offers handshake. SWN turns it into a hug.*

USA:  Hail victory, brother.

SWN:  Hail victory. Thank you.

USA gave SWN about five times the cost of the bus fare. Thus, SWN not only may return to his vacation spot but also not starve the whole day. Also, if any additional obstacles arose, SWN might not sit in such a tight spot with limited movement.

Read this not as a tale of “conspicuous charity” but instead as a story of assistance from one involved in the movement to another. Help those you encounter with what you hold when you can. Keep paying it forward and we grow stronger.

While you read this, take note of our update to In support of outspoken heroes and kick in a few ZOG bucks to further the efforts of those fighting bravely against the globalist elite who threaten our very existence. Every contribution you make to them enables these warriors to offset the cost of their time and efforts in creating the content you consume every week. Remember that.


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