What we stand to lose

A lot of young people live in a bubble. They exist within a reality where everyone rests on equal footing. Only when our Jugend strike into the real world do they discover the truths about various demographics.

Take the service industry for an example. This alone pries open some eyes. Consider the attention you receive in restaurants, airlines, cell phone providers, ISPs, and other businesses. Now, what about the comparison between now and your days of youth?

Perhaps, some of our readers remember not the days of yore when everything worked well. They grew up during later generations and missed the rise of anti-intellectualism in the 1980s. Thus, we understand how nitpicking over what seems a trivial matter goes overlooked.

white girl in a wheat field image #6,000,000
Psychopathic white girl trampling a poor black farmer’s cash crop

SPOILER:  Customer service these days reeks. When someone answers the phone, good luck if they speak English even. Notice the lack of eye contact from minorities when paying your Internet bill. When did someone last shake your hand and smile after you subscribed for a new product?

We find a reasonable correlation with increased vibrancy and this other small example of lack of social cohesion. Like Château Heartiste says, “Diversity + Proximity = War.” Chalk it up as another casualty of this failed multicultural experiment.

Think other issues rank higher? You might win that argument. However, these little things matter too. Each one shaves another chip from the block of our once great societies, and makes it slightly more irritating for those who contribute daily to the preservation and construction of said cultures.

Note down this short list of microannoyances, place a tally mark next to each one, and see how many you receive in a week or a month:

  • unfriendly attitude from a company’s representative;
  • the technician speaks substandard English;
  • something your ordered arrived incorrect or incomplete;
  • you repeat yourself multiple times within a conversation;
  • if you ask several questions in succession, they answer only the last one (common among Hispanics);
  • your attendant doesn’t go the extra mile to read your mind and field questions you could ask;
  • the supervisor falls at the same place (or worse) on their IQ bell curve;
  • an agent refuses a request to call his/her boss (also frequent with Latin Americans);

See for yourself what we stand to lose. Let us know your count at the end of whatever time period. Add your suggestions in the comments section as well.


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