Antifragility in the Alt-Right

The Alt-Right learned many lessons last week. We saw who aligned with the movement for real and identified others who clung to it like dingleberries on an obese, high testosterone, demigirl’s hairy rectal ring. However, many authors neglected to address the underlying cause of so much discussion on our side.

Here at Shitlord Castle, the amount of videos, articles, podcasts, and other media which felt the need to explain away Richard Spencer’s national socialist toast surprised us quite a bit. We wondered why most everyone didn’t give the whole world a big thumbs up and proceeded with our internal conversations regarding policy points and normie outreach. A simple response of, “Yeah, and?” suffices to send the loony left into an even frenzied state of rabidity until they WOWJUSTWOW themselves to exhaustion.

Enter antifragility. If you lack familiarity with the term, Roosh wrote a review of the book authored by the introducer of said term. Check it out if you want a complete understanding of the topic. Analysing it here lies outside the scope of this article.

Please mishandle:  Antifragile. Thank you.
How to develop antifragility.

As much as some on the Alt-Right like to bants the Manosphere, they could learn a lot from it. One bit of alpha shitlordery involves the zero fucks given (ZFG) attitude which facilitates enjoying the fermenting fruits of this degenerate, decaying world. “He who cares the least, wins the most,” in summary.

Failing to adopt this mindset leads to inane dialogues with eBook merchants, supplement salesmen, and civic nationalists who claw desperately at their waning visages in the mental group photo of those that continue to shape the reality for white nationalists in the years to come. It diverts energy from the issues at hand to running damage control. We cannot allow ourselves to play on the defensive.

The left enjoy policing language and behaviour. Undoubtedly, they harbour no intentions of jettisoning such tactics even though those attacks proved futile in this instance. If we know anything about SJWs, they double down always. Expect the next round of pearl clutching to surge in intensity and duration.

All scolding aside, the collective kvetching from the Jew-run main stream media served to solidify and strengthen our ranks. Members of Red Ice, Daily Stormer, The Right Stuff, Radio Aryan, and Radix Journal, among many more, banded together in a righteous display of brotherhood. At times past, we disagreed on certain strategies and nuances; however, the previous ten days revealed no tensions on the subject of expressing symbols from our shared history.

For those who travelled with us to this point and ran scared from the (((rootless cosmopolitan journalists))), thanks for your contributions. Perhaps, if you HTFU people shall keep looking to you for leadership and direction. See your conference attendance counts and magazine subscription numbers next year reflect the perception of your lack of loyalty.

Everybody who stuck with this movement and showed support for your brethren:  good on you. Otherwise, gentlemen, push that envelop further to the right until it hits the wall. We have nothing to lose and everything to gain.


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