Genocide: The Inescapable Conclusion

Prez Jeff Davis presented this article on The Right Stuff on 5 Dec 2016. For some reason, TRS took down the publication. A few people archived it, and readers can find one such archival here. As we found the article a top quality effort post and agree with nearly all the points presented in it (apart from the inescapability — if we colonise other planets, then we might avoid genocide on this one), United Shitlords reprint it here, unedited, to preserve the work and to continue the discussion on the topic.

Genocide is just a word invented by a Jew to demonize the Nazis. As a Dixian-American, I feel no particular link to the Nazis, swastikas, Roman salutes, etc. I’m really pretty ambivalent on those things. Whatever. Jean-Marie Le Pen hit the nail on the head when he called the Jew/Gypsy genocide a detail of history. Ethnic cleansing is a universal part of world history. Nations have always had intermittent wars, wherein they killed their enemies. So what? The common pejorative use of the word genocide as something unthinkable is ignorance gone to seed as it elevates losing for your people as somehow morally superior to winning for your people. Meanwhile Jews don’t seem to show any remorse for genociding the Hittites, Girgashites, Amorites, Canaanites, Perizzites, Hivites, Jebusites, or the Amalekites.

It is to our peril that we say “I respect nationalism for all peoples.” While we may sometimes be able to strike up treaties and mutually beneficial trade agreements, or the exchange of scholarly research, or a mutualistic white supremacy such as slavery, we must realize that in the big picture human races are indeed biological competitors, that human evolution is a giant tournament with immutable rules that we cannot cancel and in which elimination means racial extinction rather than just failure to win a trophy. There have always been and always will be eliminations. The only thing we have to decide is whether we want our race to continue to the next round at the expense of others or for other races to continue to the next round at the expense of our own. While it is possible some remnant populations may be retained for cheap labor or medical research, the pro-genocide stance is an inescapable conclusion on at least three different grounds:

  1. competition for resources
  2. disease control
    1. reservoir for existing diseases
    2. emerging diseases and antibiotic resistance
    3. engineered diseases (biological warfare)
  3. environmental pollution

#1-Competition for resources:

The reality is that humanity, just like any other part of the Animal Kingdom is stained red, tooth and claw. Bee and ant colonies, wolf packs, lion prides, some herd animals, and human tribes are groups that compete against other groups within the species whether it be for nectar, grazing, water, physical space to live in, hunting grounds, farmland, fossil fuels, fishing waters, or the other group’s females. Chimpanzees have even been documented to fight a 4 year war for territory. Human tribes are unique in that they also compete for political dominance including wars for ideology and religion. To the chagrin of anti-religionists and despite Islam winning its own category, religious wars are a very small part of global interethnic violence. Of course if someone were to count Liberalism/Communism as a religion I suspect that would change the numbers a good bit. It appears the vast majority of wars boil down to the genetic interest of one group vs the genetic interest of the other group.

The water shortages in California, hunting rights in Alaska, the global oil market, and many seafoods are examples of white:nonwhite competition for natural resources. The multiplying hungry mouths in Africa (and NYC, LA, Chicongo) demand that more American woodlands are converted to farmlands, and that the price of a home in the country rises accordingly. White flight from browning neighborhoods is the result of literal territorial competition, much like territorial competition among wolf packs, lion prides, or hyena cackles. In other times, white colonists outcompeted Amerinds in America, Aboriginals in Australia, and Africans in targeted parts of Africa. We don’t get to choose whether territorial competition among human tribes occurs or not, but we do get to decide whether we win or lose that competition.

Africa is still lying ready for us, it is our duty to take it. It is our duty to seize every opportunity of acquiring more territory and we should keep this one idea steadily before our eyes: that more territory simply means more of the Anglo-Saxon race, more of the best, the most human, most honorable race the world possesses. -- Cecil Rhodes

#2a-Disease control (existing diseases)

The brown hordes of the world are a reservoir for diseases that we could easily eradicate if we were only willing to eradicate the host population. Rotary club has long worked toward the vision of A Polio Free World, and could have achieved it a long time ago if we would only eliminate the native population of Afghanistan and Pakistan along with some other problem areas. Rotary claims that polio vaccines can be as cheap as $0.60 USD each, but of course these children (that we also pay to feed and vaccinate for other diseases) grow up to bear more children who will also need to be vaccinated and fed. Meanwhile, the going rate for AK-47 ammo is less than $0.30 USD, can be administered at any age, and actually breaks the cycle. With wide scale 3rd world genocides, we could much more easily eradicate polio, measles, mumps, whooping cough, influenza, rubella, zika, malaria, and many other diseases for good.

#2b-Disease Control (naturally occurring new diseases & antibiotic resistance)

It’s important to realize that new diseases and antibiotic resistant strains of microorganisms are continually evolving. For instance, AIDS is not a disease from antiquity, but could have been eradicated before it was even discovered if negroes had been eradicated from Africa as little as 50-100 years ago. Antibiotic resistant strains of bacteria are evolving in the 3rd world, and are likely to soon eclipse our ability to develop new antibiotics unless a lot of unforeseen disruptive technology comes to the rescue soon. Here’s a WHO list of resistance documented so far. These new diseases and new strains of existing diseases were not created upon Man’s eviction from the Garden of Eden, but are mostly gifts from an ever expanding 3rd world, where antibiotics are more often administered carelessly and where hospital wastes are often poorly handled. And with a booming population, it’s just getting started. Here’s what WHO says about the prospect of widespread antibiotic resistance:

New resistance mechanisms are emerging and spreading globally, threatening our ability to treat common infectious diseases, resulting in prolonged illness, disability, and death. Without effective antimicrobials for prevention and treatment of infections, medical procedures such as organ transplantation, cancer chemotherapy, diabetes management and major surgery (for example, caesarean sections or hip replacements) become very high risk. Antimicrobial resistance increases the cost of health care *[sic] with lengthier stays in hospitals and more intensive care required.*”

While antibiotic use in 1st world commercial agriculture is also a likely contributor, it is likely to be an overly blamed, least guilty player in the game. (Can we really blame antibiotic use in farm animals for antibiotic resistance in gonorrhea and antiviral resistant HIV?) Even if commercial agriculture is the main culprit, it’s going to be a lot harder to get the 3rd world to toe the line of future regulations than it is the 1st world.
The glaring reality is that billions of hominids in crowded living conditions (often living with animals) coupled with poor sanitation, poor hygiene and promiscuity found in shanty towns and tribal villages around the world are a breeding ground for new diseases and antibiotic resistant strains of old diseases, forcing the white world to continually innovate vaccines, antibiotics, and epidemiology methods just to keep us safe from naturally occurring diseases and infections, a Red Queen Race that we are bound to lose if our scientist:dindu ratio gets too far out of whack. The medical community has already dubbed the crisis the “post antibiotic era”.
We really got lucky with AIDS being that it’s just an STD. Imagine a disease like AIDS but spread by casual contact like the cold or flu. To put things in perspective, the 1918 Spanish Flu pandemic was estimated to kill 50-100 million people globally and 675,000 in the US alone–and that was just the flu. Given enough time and enough 3rd world, a super-disease of Black Death proportions is virtually guaranteed to hit us at some point. The Black Death did its damage to Europe in about 7 years while we still don’t have a vaccine for AIDS after it being first named in 1982.

#2c-Disease control (engineered diseases)

Biological warfare from the Islamic World hasn’t been a problem yet because they have simply lacked the means to develop it. With the advancement of science, biological warfare will eventually fall within their grasp and it would be a dream weapon for a group like ISIS. It would work like this:

  1. Engineer a deadly, highly contagious disease and its vaccine.
  2. Vaccinate all the men, women, children from your ingroup that you wish to spare.
  3. Spread the disease in several international airports, subways, etc.

The above scenario would be many times worse than nuclear war and given the trickle down of scientific knowledge it is virtually guaranteed to happen someday if present trends persist long enough.

#3-Environmental pollution:

Most readers are probably already aware that preserving endangered species is a white thing, but perhaps few have realized that third worlders will happily dump durable pollutants into the air and water that will eventually end up in the globally shared seafood supply. Example: DDT was banned from USA in 1972 but is still being found in seafood and still being made and used in India while China only recently stopped manufacturing it. Given that DDT only has a 150 yr half life in water, it is unlikely that India alone is going to doom the world’s oceans with this one chemical, but it demonstrates a problem that is bound to grow as the 3rd world grows. If African countries ever manage to profitably manufacture and use chemicals like this, there is little doubt that they will use them carelessly, just like they mismanage everything else they do. Similar concerns should be expected if any of these countries ever manages to split the atom and generate nuclear wastes.

The inescapable conclusion:

Although deportations and international treaties may mitigate some of the issues listed above, none of them will be fully resolved without implementing the largest genocide the world has seen up to this point. It is my personal opinion that the biggest threat dindu nations pose to whites is through diseases and that peaceful deportations would do little to diminish that threat. I also think that with present trends, it is more likely that the next deadly pandemic will arise naturally from the 3rd world rather than engineered by the Islamic world, however the West’s penchant for affirmative action in education may just educate the right Muslim scientists for the job.
Genocide necessarily involves either suppression of fertility or active or passive killing, or some combination of methods. Passive killing might include the refusal to supply aid such as food or medical care, preferring to just let Nature run her course, or refusal to come to the rescue when brown tribes genocide each other. The passive method would cause greater suffering and would not finish the job, as there will always be a remnant population to rebound in time. Clearly, an active genocide using white man methods would be more humane than passively letting Nature or savage tribes to do a much sloppier and less complete job. In the same way that animal lovers cannot adopt and care for every stray, but must accept that many be euthanized or sterilized, so it must be with the lower races of humanity.

The Bright side:

Manifest Destiny

Extermination of the brown hordes in their homelands could give vast new territories to us. They are ours for the taking. Perhaps some readers wish they could have taken part in the US Homestead acts. Those days do not have to be gone forever. We could gain vast territories and give them away to settlers much like in the old days. We could even form new white countries, and settle much more territory than the entire continental US put together. In Africa, India,  and Latin America 100 or even 1,000 acre tracts could be given away to young homesteaders. Or perhaps our governments could just auction parcels of land or mineral rights instead of collecting taxes. It is up to us white men to agree on the justness of our cause, how the spoils will be divided among us, and to go out and conquer and settle like only white men can.


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