Understanding and regulating dual citizenship

Several months ago, The Daily Shoah’s Death Panel talked about how dual citizenship needs to be prohibited. Perhaps, the call for a blanket ban on it stemmed from a lack of comprehension of: its history, how a person acquires more than one passport, or licit uses of pertaining to more than one country simultaneously. Here, we wish to clarify some points on multiple nationality and propose ways to address a few of the contentious ideas surrounding it.

For simplicity, we reference the United States of America plus the fictional whitopia of Fashistan located in Europe. Imagine your mother, a USA citizen, gave birth to you in the USA and their law provides jus soli, making you a citizen of that country automatically. Fashistanian law contains provisions for jus sanguinis and your father registers your birth, as required by law, at the nearest Fashistanian consulate. Thus, you, as a supreme shitlord, hold citizenships of the USA and Fashistan automatically.

Issues presented

Upon reaching adulthood, the time arrives to deal with some important problems. You inherit the full burden of responsibility from the choices your parents made for you by virtue of birthplace and lineage. Let’s examine the following common use cases:

  1. crime committed in one of your homelands;
  2. conscription;
  3. taxation;
  4. retirement;

The Master Nationality Rule

While within the USA’s territory, you commit a heinous act and, instead of owning your deeds like a man, you flee cravenly to the nearest embassy or consulate of Fashistan. Do you see them opening the door and sheltering you from prosecution?

Not going to happen, friend-o. Fashistan want nothing to do with your selling dildos without a license and, due to Article 4 of the Convention on Certain Questions Relating to the Conflict of Nationality Laws of 1930, they maintain no obligation to risk a diplomatic row with the USA by supporting your degeneracy. Furthermore, the USA don’t recognise you as a Fashistanian, leaving you no legal way to exit the country using Fashistan’s passport. Enjoy your time in the gulag.

Service in the armed forces

Map that shows which Countries have conscription. Green: Countries that don't have any armed service. Blue: Countries that don't have conscription. Purple: Countries that have active draft system, but less than 20% of the whole age group (include men or women) are compelled to enlist. Orange: Countries where the current government is planning to abolish conscription. Red: Countries that have conscription.
Conscription map of the world

Europe, as a continent of small states, envisioned instances of intercountry marriages and children born as unintentional citizens of more than one country. Since most young men completed a period of conscription after reaching the age of majority, does that mean time served in both places? Since 1963, a total of 13 European countries, including our great Fashistan, decided against it.

By signing and ratifying the Convention on the Reduction of Cases of Multiple Nationality and on Military Obligations in Cases of Multiple Nationality, they said that drafting in another signatory’s military worked just as well as if done at home. In case of war between two contracting parties, you might not wish to make a decision of where to fight; however, you acknowledge that possibility by maintaining both citizenships. Also, you could assume war between white countries as a thing of the past in the world to which we transition.

Double taxation

Since you don’t require legal residency to live in Fashistan, you take advantage of your Fashistanian citizenship and get a job over there for nine months. That country, like nearly all in the world, taxes based upon physical presence and your income gets adjusted accordingly before it hits your bank account. However, due to your USA citizenship and their taxation of global income irrespective to location, you owe Uncle Sam money at the end of the year.

In their infinite wisdom, the governments of the USA and Fashistan signed a double taxation convention (DTC) with each other some time ago. That means if you paid into the tax system in one country from income earned there, you lack any further liability for tax on the same in the other, assuming that obligation existed. As such, this results in more liquidity available for you and yours.

Social Security Totalisation Agreements

Say you stayed in Fashistan, worked half of your life, and paid into the social security system there via taxes. Then, you returned to the USA. and continued to work until reaching retirement age. What about that 20+ years of labour in Fashistan and the contributions to that pension fund?

Since Fashistan and the USA signed a social security treaty, you receive the totality of your social security contributions to both countries while residing in either. If your health deteriorated and you preferred the climate of Fashistan, return there and live on your government check. Three cheers for high-trust societies!

Unforeseen scenarios

We can’t predict the future. As you grow and change, sometimes circumstances do too. In the end, we possess only as much freedom as the sum of our options allows. Let’s inspect a small subset of possible life events:

  1. false arrest;
  2. legitimate displacement;
  3. property acquisition;
  4. inheritance;

Consular assistance abroad

Rich gays, fearing the poz well running dry in Fashistan, pool their money and purchase the island country of Madagascar, renaming it Fagistan. They displace the locals peacefully, install a dildocracy—similar to what parts of the USA contained before the Trumpenreich’s Great Purge of 2023—and everything proceeds as you imagine under the conditions setup. Later, they face a humanitarian crisis due to the over-allocation public funds to poppers and gerbils versus food and fuel.

You and your pathological altruism travel to Fagistan as part of an NGO’s mission to bring enough aid until they can sort out these circumstances. A few days after arrival, you stand accused quite wrongly of “toxic masculinity”.  Which embassy do you choose for help?

It doesn’t matter. Both provide services to you and using either incurs no legal penalties in the respective countries. Maybe Fashistan broke diplomatic relations with Fagistan and that leaves the USA as your only possibility. In any case, we prefer more options than fewer and an increased chance of safe harbour to a higher likelihood of Fagistani jails with lube shortages.

Real refugee status

The people of Fagistan, with their high time preference and poor future time orientation, fail at fixing their socio-economic situation before running through the gibs from the kind folk of Fashistan. They feel Fashistan owe them as reparations for their lives as second class citizens in meritocratic Fashistanian society. Therefore, Fagistan launch a brutal campaign for resources against Fashistan.

You, a brazen-balled Chad nationalist of Fashistan, stay to provide logistical support for your nation instead of retreating to the comfort of another developed, white country. However, you recognise the high risk of staying there, and send your wife and offspring to the USA, which remained neutral in the war. White non-USA citizens like the South Africans, who lost their country finally after not fixing their demographics, qualify for refugee status, but your family don’t wait in line. If you delayed in registering your children as USA citizens after their births, that complicates matters unnecessarily.

Owning land

Fashistan, similar to countries like Mexico and Cuba, require citizenship for land ownership. Assuming you didn’t have the passport and stayed too short to qualify for citizenship, you might rent for a decade as opposed to sinking that money into a mortgage and accumulating equity. Instead you bought a property, lived in it for 20+ years, and rented it out when you returned to the USA. Now, you generate passive income and may gift it to your progeny later in life.

Passing on your assets

As a brilliant strategist, you managed your funds well throughout life and the time comes to transfer these investments to your kids. Given you registered them as Fashistanians upon their birth too, they avoid any of the visa requirements for bank account ownership, property inheritance, and residency permits to stay there enjoying the fruits of your effort. In the event they prefer the USA over Fashistan, for whatever reason, your children liquidate the assets and use the gains to start other businesses in the USA.

Historical perspective and path forward

As evident from the above, white countries throughout recent history cobbled around the implications of mixing among people from their respective nations. While they cooperate well as a consequence of their congruent genetic makeups, we raise an exception and signal the subversive elements which infest our cultures today. Without addressing these infiltrators, the accords forged under socially cohesive regimes risk crumbling and dissolving under the weight of various factors straining our systems.

Additionally, this article seeks not to present a laissez-faire view of multiple citizenship that serves the individual only. While we display and exalt the utilisations of holding another passport or two, United Shitlords exhort the immediate need for additional conditions upon which white societies keep tolerating dual citizenship in a sustainable manner without hindering the nation at large. We suggest enacting resolutions banning multiple citizens from:

  1. serving in the military;
  2. holding a job in journalism, communications, or other media;
  3. teaching at public educational institutions;
  4. working in the banking sector;
  5. running for elected office;
  6. accepting appointment to any government position;
  7. lobbying or forming a political action committee;

Don’t worry. Jews can’t qualify for other citizenships than Israeli. Thus,  none of the preceding guidelines apply to them as, by the time we implement the aforementioned fixes, they have a non-Israeli passport revocation notice, deportation letter, prison ship ticket to Israel, and certificate of loss of non-Israeli nationality.


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