What Mike Enoch reminded us

For the most part, the Alt-Right incorporated many of the wisdoms from the Manosphere. We see shitlords interacting with shiksas without simpering or displaying excessive thirst. Many thought leaders in the Alt-Right maintain healthy partnerships and households outside the movement, and they provide insights into the mechanics of interpersonal relations while living in a decaying, dying culture.

At times, we slip. Perhaps, your girl makes a slightly snarky comment which you ignore or shows you some level of microdisrespect that you don’t call out immediately for one reason or another. Mark it down as your game operating at a lower level that day. Remember this for later in the discussion.

Now, if you run a household, in addition to managing your time every day, you set a schedule for your woman involving the required cooking, cleaning, shopping, and all the necessary functions to keep operations running at an optimal capacity. If you produce Alt-Right content, maybe you work on projects together and delegate tasks for her which play toward her respective skills. Therefore, in your head sits more or less a clear idea of her free time’s utilisation.

Think about how long women take to get ready before going out somewhere. Then, multiply that by at least two if your degenerate Jew wife dresses in drag to fag hag around town far into the night. If she returns home late, you might get an indication something doesn’t add up properly.

Old Van Heusen advert
The ideal.

Let’s clarify this acutely: if your bird leaves the nest, you know her destination, got an idea of how long you need to refill the drink yourself (she waits on you otherwise, of course), she asked for your permission, and you approved it. Bottom line. Every time. No excuses.

Far too many opportunities for digressions into substance use, infidelity, and other forms of degeneracy exist in today’s world to permit a lax “outside the house” policy for anyone with whom you keep intimate relations in close quarters. You must not permit the possibility for your woman to dishonour your name or house. Any failing on her part falls on you, the last line of defence and the ultimate authority.

Listen guys, fascism begins at home. You run the show. She follows your orders. No two ways about it.

You can’t come back somewhere down the line and say something like, “I didn’t know she praised Jewishness and transgenderism!” Either you lacked attention to detail or you ignored it willfully. In any case, you take the blame in the end.

Good managers accept responsibility for the mistakes of their team members every time. Forget seeing any executive manager worth his paycheck mounting the mental gymnastics pommel horse to dance around accountability when SHTF. Count on that guy running the other direction if things heat up too much.

The time arrived to grow some bigger balls, gentlemen. If you possess a weighty pair already, braze them. Rarely a man regrets wielding a heavy hand in the home life. Highly unlikely your case differs.


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