Content creators ≠ political leaders

Another takeaway from the recent fiasco at The Right Stuff revolves around the confusion of content creators with thought or political leaders. We see this mistake made all too often within Alt-Right circles. Let’s examine why this mix-up emerges and how to prevent it from recurring.

Foremost, when an artist releases a piece—whether the work dance about a stage, animates across the screen, or blares through your home speaker system—that person speaks for himself only. Any group or ideological attributions come secondary to what he feels when moulding matter by hand. If you remain unconvinced, take a sample of any ten writer, musician, or vlogger acquaintances and ask them.

When beginning the launch of your media into the world, one of the least important issues considered involves whether or not these creations bring you fame at some point. There stands a decent chance of the artist not envisioning a scenario when reporters from the legacy, Jew-run media hound them endlessly at conferences. Much less often than that people consider the notion of others’ clamouring for their presence in an elected office.

Want a political leader? Start small and campaign for constable, city councillor, magistrate, justice of the peace, notary, etc. Then, you can deal with tough decisions like which rural route gets cracksealed this election cycle, among others.

Blue scale image with a bird tweeting inside a man's head.
The tweeter in your head might differ from the one who runs for local office.

We disservice our fashy substance smiths when we project aspirations of ambition, or those of the movement, upon them. Some of us prefer the quiet life, shitposting in relative anonymity, to the constant criticism of the all-seeing Semitic eye of Shlomo. Not to say any of the Alt-Right podcasters, bloggers, and animators can’t evolve into exalted philosophers or champions of issues; however, setting this as default seems unreasonable and unfair to them.

Ideally, we maintain our new media outlets separate from political leadership. Compare what happens in the MSM when they don’t keep a semblance of objectivity in reporting. Additionally, when you change positions, someone must arise to take your place and perform your job functions equally well. Else, we leave a talent void in a place where one didn’t exist previously.

The real questions to us appear:

  • How bad do you desire that Alt-Right meme magicians guide you?
  • How much do you think they want to lead you?

More often than not, the best Führer look like those who find zero interest in the job and get bullycided into it by people who know them intimately. Same deal with the wielding of said power. Perhaps, we can come to a cross-section of will and competency to shepherd us into the future of our people.

In closing, for those in our midst who seek the transition from effortposter to state senator, it behooves us to throw all our support behind them and push them to victory. However, muddling the private dealings of one or aggrandising the same with the personalities they play on the Internet serves nobody. Disregard this entire paragraph if you marry into (((the tribe))).


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