Lax visa policies hurt developing countries

Make no mistake, the Jew-owned legacy media pumps out some gems occasionally. We on the Alt-Right might miss these nuggets of lulz due to our reading of more accurate news sites like the Daily Stormer. One of our ranks caught this juicy bit of RealTalk™ before it got buried in the poz and degeneracy and composes the near entirety of Vice:

More than half of India is not potty trained—there’s no plumbing. Everybody who graduates from top schools from there comes to America. In Punjab, my homeland in northwest India, everyone with a triple-digit IQ moves to the Western world. Well, I think it is a cheap cop-out for the natural elites of these foreign nations to leave their countries and come to an already developed country instead of developing their own country. India is a much worse place because of the brain-drain effect. […] It’s time to go back.

United Shitlords agree 100% with Mr. Sikh here. Keeping these people in North America, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand after receiving training in our universities and tech shops provides us no long-term benefit. Given that our ancestors gifted us the privilege of good future time orientation, let’s zoom out the camera lens and look at the big picture here.

Instead of dragging down our collective white nations with immigrants and the cultural dissonance they bring, why not return them to the motherland and work their miracles there? Do they think the US and other developed countries arrived at such a level of advancement overnight? Of course not, and it takes work to actualise.

H-1B visa approvals by country in 2014. Courtesy of (((Bloomberg))).
This pie chart shows that someone else eats your lunch.

Can you imagine the state of India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and other countries in the Near East, Northern Africa, and South Asia today if their intellectual powerhouses went to live there again, bringing all the knowledge and wealth accumulated in more sophisticated lands? If these guys can sort sweet niggertech mobile applications, fixing sewage systems and purifying water stands no chance of failure. What else could they solve in the next decade if given a little push in the right direction?

Every day on social media and (((MSM outlets))), shitlibs and catladies cry relentlessly about how we must permit the poor into our white countries because of how sad their situation seems. Democrats bitch about inequality in the world yet refuse to acknowledge how their high time preference policies contribute to it. Regardless of the direness of their needs, we fall under no obligation to prostrate ourselves before an invading, mostly hostile, horde.

Additionally, we can show that their immigration not only vacuums up a decent chunk of the few IT positions available but also retards the growth of their homelands. Perhaps, that requires more self-reflection than lefties find comfortable performing. Help us hold up the body mirror in front of them and force these people to revisit the underlying assumptions of the norms they seek to impose on the rest of society.

Don’t take this as another XATRY argument with leftists as the true heartless bastards. In many cases, ignoring them as a point of reference in the discussion works better. Present this line of logic to your friends when they clamour for your town to turn into Eritrea and see what results you obtain.


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