The inevitability of white supremacy

Disclaimer: The guarantee of inevitability hinges upon whites recognising the worldwide demographic situation and our not finding a way to leave this planet. Much of this article talks about events which lie in the future. Dream with us for a little while today while we delve into a bit of conquering.

Lately, we hear a lot of talk about the Alt-Right as a spectrum. Accepting this reality poses no problem unless we start the scale at something like pro-whiteness instead of white ethnostates. Remember, shifting the Overton Window as far right as possible within the shortest time denotes one of our mode of operation. Getting to a white ethnostate requires much less effort if you rewind a bit from genocide than if you start further left by stating that pro-white acceptance occurs first.

Those familiar with business negotiation tactics comprehend this. Trump describes it in a similar vein in The Art of the Deal. While most who aligned with our movement long ago understand this maxim, it might evade the grasp of some of the recent converts to the cause.

With that said, the ones who accept white ethnostates as the default for North America, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand find comfort in white supremacy already, albeit at a localised scale. Think of that white supremacy as limited to one country or set thereof when we discuss white ethnostates. As the overwhelming majority in those countries, who else makes and enforces the laws of the land? None other than white people, who rule supreme in their countries.

After fixing the dire demographics and returning our native homelands to home rule, we look for another destiny to manifest and higher goals to achieve. Population densities in the United States and Australia maintain reasonable levels as to avoid feeling claustrophobic. Europe, however, must find more Lebensraum.

Cecil Rhodes's famous quote on African Lebenraum.
Ahead of his time.

Where to look? Africa seems the most obvious choice, and we colonised it previously. While some in the Alt-Right argue that invading that continent constituted a grave error on our part, we here at United Shitlords declare solidarity with the great Cecil Rhodes and state the mistake we made involved leaving it after developing the place. Let’s not pine for the days of yore and instead look ahead a bit.

David Duke and Andrew Anglin spoke on a recent show about the ideal way to depopulate Africa. They debated either cutting off food and aid supplies while closing the borders or deploying some biological weapon against the people. While such discourse appears as LARPing, consider the projection of ~2.5B Africans by 2050 while India and China exhaust their available space simultaneously. In addition to deciding on the best method to grab that land, count on dividing it among said populous countries too!

Without collective guilt complexes, the Indians and the Chinese hold no hesitation about annexing large, arable countries in that area. Watching them from the sidelines amounts to topographical cuckoldry. Thus, to prepare ourselves mentally for African Safari 2.0, it behooves whites to accept their ancestors’ intentions there as prophetic for the time. Only then we avoid conflict with large, nuclear-armed states while maximising the benefits of the operation to ensure completion of the 14 words.


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