Give white people goals again

The younger generations suffer from such terrible apathy that their once superb European future time orientation cannot picture any coming scenario outside watching the world rot slowly while they console themselves with dildotech, eight-minute pump and dumps from dating apps, and crushing depression. To avoid asking a rhetorical question, we know how this situation arose, so no need to rehash it here. What we want to explore in this short post revolves around creating a standard toward which our people strive collectively.

Some of us remember a time when countries like the United States drove innovation. Families worked together, the woman in her supportive role and the man in his leading role, to form strong communities. In turn, these healthy towns and cities actualised their efforts on the macro level and pushed forward the nation’s objectives.

Today, even if our respective societies avoided experiencing the last hundred years of Jewish-led poz and degeneration, the need for goal-setting remains. Apply this in your daily life by managing funds and time efficiently, for example. As a group, thinking further ahead than fixing our disastrous demographics, what lies beyond that?

Forget sitting idle, of course, unless we desire to revert to how things functioned previously. All of us see light at the tunnel’s end, but where do we go from there? United Shitlords propose two goals that qualify as easily attainable:

  1. Let’s find out what lives under the Antarctic ice;
  2. Galaxy Lebensraum;

If you listened to any Paranormies episodes recently, you heard their discussions of the possibilities of the secrets contained below the Antarctic icecap. It piqued the curiosity of Uncle Addy enough for him to send exploration teams all the way from Germany. Also, if intelligence agencies do their best to deter travellers from the location, some mystery lurks there. We must be missing something.

Perhaps, clues to our origins await us. At the same time, the chance exists that the place houses nothing more than a huge block of frozen water. Either way, consider it worth our time. Very little risk, potential high gain, and lots of fun.

Shot from the Hubble's deep field.
Our destiny awaits.

Now, the more interesting option. Before 1965 and diversifying NASA so the Sheneequa brigade could take us into orbit, many countries ran genuine space programmes. Some, like the US and Russia, realised substantial gains in the field. Imagine our progress in this mission today if we decided not to run some historically futile melting pot policy on immigration and employment but instead continued the meritorious pursuit of outer space exploration.

We stand a good chance of seeing children born on the Moon, Mars, and possibly others. However, avoid lamenting for the past and focus on the future. If resources are utilised properly, white nationalism might obsolesce, as separate worlds appear within reach. Perhaps, we start calling it “white planetism” instead.

Ethnics like the Chinese understand the necessity for separate home worlds. Any battle for large swaths of territory, outside Africa, falls under the “pyrrhic victory” header considering how many countries own nuclear arms. The best we can do encompasses avoiding wars long enough to get us off this rock and onto another ASAP.

Look to nature as the teacher. All forms of life grow, multiply, spread, and repeat the process. Aside from the depths of the oceans and centre of the globe (unless you self-classify as a flat fuck), the Earth’s surface contains humans on every continent. We planted the flag here. Time to move onward, astronomically speaking.


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