Basic men’s informal attire: Introduction

After sitting on this article series for over a year, we found some spare agency to polish and release it. Over the course of the next few weeks, we present the Shitlord Castle bottom up approach to men’s informal wear. Thanks to the Salting the Earth and Exodus/Americanus podcasts for the inspiration to move this from the drafts section.

Silk suit, black tie,
I don’t need a reason why.

Indeed, ZZ Top. All the girls go crazy ’bout a sharp-dressed shitlord. For the most part, we aim these articles at younger men wishing to improve their dress standards, although seasoned professionals might learn something new. In this series, we intend to cover:

  1. Shoes;
  2. Socks, slacks, and belts;
  3. Shirts;
  4. Ties, pocket squares, and lapel accessories;
  5. Jackets;

An outside glance inward

One aspect of white folks which those from the developing world fail to comprehend involves how people from relatively wealthier countries look like complete slobs when they visit other places. Citizens from some parts of third-world try their best, with the limited resources at their disposal, to present themselves as clean, upstanding gentlemen. What stops our fellow co-ethnics from reaching for the same standard?

Let’s put that in perspective for a moment, children of Europa: multi-coloured men, an entire standard deviation (or more) below you in IQ, condescend to you in vestimental terms. Reconcile that, if possible. Remember: when you visit another place, you act as an ambassador to that land, and give its people an idea of the standards and values of your homeland.

You get only one first impression. When closing a business deal, signing a contract with a government agency, integrating new team members, or going through security in a foreign area, anything you can do which works in your favour reduces any resistance to accomplish the stated objectives. Shining on like the shitlordish sapphire that you showcase yourself as on the interwebz must hit the ball out the park when it comes to IRL meetups and other events in professional life.

Soup kitchen queue in Chicago during the Great Depression.
Even the poor a century ago dressed better than you NEETs today.

Dressing well ranks high in importance for young men. It separates the wheat from the chaff in terms of mate selection, too. Fancy yourself as a high-value male? Start suiting up like one.


Forget breaking your piggy bank to get yourself some new threads as well. No shame falls upon you for shopping at second-hand stores, accepting hand-me-downs from family members, or making your own clothes (if so inclined and talented). Thriftiness rings true throughout the generations of white people, and it comes as no surprise when the Jew-run media tell you to purchase new clothes every year from Jew-owned fashion houses.

Buy local if that option exists. Your neighbourhood tailor and leatherman appreciate the business. If none operate shops within a reasonable distance, procure goods made within the country or, at the very least, from other white countries.

If you hold some extra cash for new clothing, men’s stores run sales seasonally, discounting their prices sometimes 50% or more! Wait for those. Nearly all of the population remains ignorant on whether or not you wear last year’s suits, so come off your mental catwalk here.

In any case, we avoid countersignaling those with expensive tastes. Don’t allow anyone to begrudge your fancies either. If you relish bespoke wool jackets, silk pocket squares, or Italian leather boots, this set of posts keeps you in mind, too.

Focus and scope

United Shitlords want to pass on an experienced-based understanding of the nuances of a suit’s components while not overcomplicating the endeavour. We stick to simple, solid, matching shades for the slacks and jackets, a reduced number of options for other pieces’ colours, and provide a few PROTIPs for evading common mistakes. After one gains comfort and confidence in assembling a two-piece suit, we count on the user to add his creativity and take it from there.

We state this series as not all-encompassing. The writers of this blog encourage all readers to explore other sources of information and find what works best for you. Create your own style and enjoy learning along the way. Keep two maxims in mind, though:

  1. In fashion, beautiful people can do whatever they want;
  2. Just because you can do anything, doesn’t make it the best course of action;

Smart fashion sense all of the time trumps occasional peculiar successes with the intermittent aberrations. Keep the Pareto principle in mind at all times. Obtain 80% of the results with 20% of the effort.

In closing, we pen this guide due to how much interest shown on various Alt-Right podcasts, forums, and blogs regarding men’s dress sense. Much of our publications stems from conversations of the Shitlord Castle High Council while consuming aforementioned content. This set of articles reflects merely the changing sentiments in young men these days struggling in a world which reviles the pretty and pedestalises the grotesque.


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