Fighting degeneracy begins at home

For a few moments, we take a break from editing the next article in the Sharp-dressed Shitlords series to write a quick 500 or so words on a trending pattern in some Alt-Right podcasts. United Shitlords avoid assuming that everyone shares the view presented in this article. Someone needs to address the topic at hand and, since no one seems eager to start the lecture, we hold no reservations about doing so. Quite frankly, if it offends you, grow some bigger balls.

In our movement, we focus heavily on self-improvement. Healthy people come together to form strong partnerships (and families for some), which function as the cornerstone for vibrant (in the pre-diversity sense) communities. In turn, these transform into great nations. Let’s remember how this works, as our people endeavour toward said strength again.

Returning to the beginning, you put the “u” in fundamental unit. If you lack clarity and direction, much of what you produce as a content creator reflects that. Art showcases aspects of ourselves, after all. How could we have it otherwise?

Another point to consider, given the majority of podcasters made it to 30 years of age, encompasses your role as a guide for the younger members or potential Scheißherrjugend. Ask yourself if what you record that day serves to propel our men to greatness or leaves them to wallow in mediocrity instead. Shine the light to the path of glory and lead by example.

A sick Homer Simpson with the tagline,
Every other Alt-Right podcast recently.

Alcoholism, by its very nature, qualifies as degenerate. You imbibe a fluid in high quantity on a regular basis which everyone knows causes depression of cerebral operation. As your brain runs the show, all bodily systems feel the repercussions of this action. What justification exists for such a behaviour in white nationalism, especially considering the historical management of the intoxicants trade by Jews which continues today among booze companies in several countries?

If the race war starts tomorrow, think strapping on a heavy pack, some weapons of crass destruction, and several reloads yields optimal results with a hangover? Given the choice of company, want to fight next to someone staving off dehydration from the previous night? It behooves us to stand ready at all times for any “happening” or other byproduct that living in a multicultural society gifts us periodically.

We recognise the medicinal values of alcohol, cannabis, and other substances. Nearly all the time, the drug maintains its neutrality while the responsibility falls upon the user. The issue centres upon how people use said products. Do our neighbourly Alt-Right radio hosts posses legitimate medical reasons to get drunk on air every week?

Take this not as yet another hot button topic which sends autistes screeching on both sides. We mean genuinely to hold up the mirror to events taking place in our midst weekly and wish, with the utmost sincerity, that those affected by these vices seek the help they require in order to course correct and keep shepherding our ideological converts in the direction the logical conclusions that choking down various red pills entails. Cirrhotic livers hail no victories (or at least not for long).


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