Our cultural appropriation by Jews

The Judenpresse squeal intermittently about “cultural appropriation” in addition to various other nonsenses. Just like their Freudian psychology, it reflects a mere projection of their inner machinations. Consider Jews as the triple Oy Gevalt gangstas of stealing other folks’ cultures. In recent history, we look no further than the simple surname as an indication of this profound kikery.

If you harboured intentions to deracinate and subvert your host culture, what more subtle a way to commence than assimilating localised last names? Over time, people interpret that these Shysters appropriated surnames of that origin and it helped to camouflage an invasive species. Furthermore, as their population grew and spread, other host cultures—with little diffusion of the Jews’ previously desecrated kind receivers—knew no better in accepting that said surnames belonged to anyone else but them.

While there, why not take their fine suits and ties, throw those on your body, and LARP as the eternal Anglo? Jeweller Fleischmann in his sick Saville Row threads and patchy, pale complexion more or less merges with a local population in small town Wisconsin. Barring any direct resemblance to the happy merchant, the Juden succeed with integrating into new societies in this regard.

Photograph of Gustav Mahler in a suit.
> tfw they steal your dress too

Fast forward to present

Then you, a son of Europa transplanted from the motherland, toil diligently to reconnect with your forgotten history. In your investigations, you stumble upon a Meyer like a dung diamond in a Buchenwald latrine. Your Jewdar goes crazy and you contemplate self ez’ing in order to avoid tainting the gene pool by a minute percentage more.

Wait a minute there, trigger. Remember that modern Jewry adopted these names and while you inherited them. Think of it as yet another way in which the goyim receive jewing at the expense of their heritage. Transform that fear into righteous indignation that your past got stolen from you in some very small part.

Even in the case of a positive, the Nuremberg Laws took anything after the grandparent level as insignificant. Descending from one Jewish great-great grandmother does not make you a Jew, no matter what (((the media))) or the Rabbinate want you to believe. Unless you subscribe to the one drop rule or your family kept pieces of Judiasm, it matters extremely little in the grand scheme of things.

Take pride in your Kastners, your Metzgers, and your Schwartzes. These people belong to you. Don’t feel shame ever if you run into people in your family tree with whom Heebs share surnames. Forget questioning your whiteness for a second, which plays into their hands.

Your ancestral family names existed long before their theft by shifty Yids. Keep researching back several generations and you find family members in the same area, getting christened in the exact church of prior generations, and not intermarrying. None of these characteristics pertain to the Chosenites, who interbreed often and tend to move around frequently.

We pen this article in the wishes that any new genealogists researching their European history avoid dismay upon encountering what one might grok as Semitic-sounding surnames. Look at all the evidence together in context and you see that their likelihood of pertaining to the moneychanging class comes close to zero. Save your money on that DNA test to remove any doubt.

The same applies to some traditional foods, which lies outside the scope of this post. Note how Israelis attempted to misappropriate the falafel some years ago for a quick example of this. Their chutzpah seems truly endless at times.



2 thoughts on “Our cultural appropriation by Jews

    1. It’s actually called Tsouleki bread. We always had it every Easter. Kikes steal EVERYTHING and claim it is theirs, starting with the Bible.


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