Politits versus Alt-Right: funding analysis

Inspired by Beardson Beardly’s Thot Wars video, Andrew Anglin’s recent article addressing the #WQ, and several conversations at the Shitlord Castle High Council, we ran an comparative analysis of the cash flow of a sample of the “pretty faces” in the alternative political scene. The Politits, as we call them here, glom onto whatever political movement reaches popularity at the time, whether that involves Gamer Gate, anti-feminism, the Alt-Right, etc. A good indicator appears when their channels pivot from the irrelevant/uninteresting previous content toward the latest trend and never return to those talking points.

While United Shitlords admit a clear bias toward the Alt-Right, our intentions surrounded the generation of accurate data and the presentation thereof in a neutral manner. Nonetheless, we anticipate that this article rustles people on both sides for various reasons. Let the triggering commence, folks.

A pair of tits.
Nothing beats a pair of great tits.


We averaged the amount of videos, podcasts, or articles released over a year to compute monthly statistics for the output column. For Bitcoin entries under the funding header, we averaged the entire value of all transactions, based on the current price from Bitstamp, with the number of months since the first transaction. To arrive at the total for the Alt-Light, multiplied the output column by the parameters specified in the funding column (where applicable) and added up all those values, while in the Alt-Right section summing the values in the funding column gave us our total estimate.


Firstly, all of these chicks rank 7/10 on the porkability scale, and that counts after they applied makeup. If you disagree, get some experience, quench your thirst, and think clearly here. None of these birds bring anything special to the table in the looks department.

These figures leave out any donations they receive via PayPal, purchases from Amazon Wishlists, or any other sources. If we estimate those, add another 66% to the numbers below and rage harder. Even sadder, during the writing of this article—which lasted a few hours—these amounts increased slightly.

Alt-Light content creators and their funding breakdowns
Content creator Funding Output Favourite quote
Blaire White $1152/month; 209 patrons ~4/month N/A
Blonde in the Belly of the Beast; Beauty and the Beta $397/video (96 patrons); $713/month (93 patrons) ~5/month; ~4/month “Can’t I just be a nationalist who’s white without any of this 14/88 shit?” —Becca on the Google Hangouts on Air chat, Identitarian Ideas IX live stream, 25 Feb 2017
Brittany Pettibone $1031/month (42 patrons) ~5/month “I was also called a white nationalist, which I’m not…” —Nathan Slopman’s Periscope of the Patriot’s Day free speech rally @ 35:11, 15 Apr 2017
Cassandra Fairbanks 0 patrons Intermittent, Internet-diseased, cleavage shots on her Twitter Pledge $50 or more per month: “I’ll follow/add you on whatever social media you like, so you can message me whenever you want”
Lauren Southern $1554/month (172 patrons) ~2/month “muh white genocide tho.”
Margaret MacLennan $139/video (35 patrons) ~6/month N/A
Tara McCarthy $301/video (79 patrons) ~4/month N/A
Tomi Lahren 0 patrons Eh, nothing? That deleted tweet where she tee-hee’d about the opportunity to drink at an open bar during some political event

By our calculations, we totaled about $8,473/month in donations. Ponder the high cost of bringing you regurgitated discussion points with no deeper insight aside from bouncing jugs. We state the simple facts, so avoid considering this section as cruel by intention.

Imagine if these ladies produced videos for other women about cooking, cleaning, not acting like an entitled shrew, staying fit, creating art, and pleasing men. Check out The Blonde Buttermaker on Red Ice TV for an example of what the girls above could do instead of cranking out inferior political content. This broad doesn’t accept money either!


Here too we disregard sponsorships sent by other means such as gift cards, snail mail, and cash-in-hand. This puts these guys on more or less level ground with the dolls in the above block. We acknowledge these calculations fall under the “best case scenario” category, as the value of Bitcoin fluctuates over time.

Alt-Right content creators and their funding breakdowns
Content creator Funding Output Favourite quote
Beardson Beardly $32/month (5 patrons) ~10/month “When have you ever given a fuck about optics?”
Daily Stormer ~$6,824/month (172 transactions) ~650/month “…modern women are lower than dogs, and will not engage basic loyalty to the men who feed and care for them.” —Andrew Anglin, see supra
Exodus/Americanus ~$6/month (12 transactions) ~4/month “Crush the sodomite.” —Matty Midwest, several times on every show
Grandpa Lampshade ~$226/month (36 transactions) ~4/month “Look, there’s not a secret society bringing Africans into your country. It’s a bunch of kikes, OK?” —as heard on the 29 Dec 2016 episode
Radio Aryan ~$99/month 24 hours/day N/A
Salting the Earth $107/month ~4/month “I look forward to the day when my grandkids oven me for not being far right enough.” —Vendetta Vidame
The Krypto Report ~$306/month (38 transactions) ~4/month “I want to gas every kike and put them in an oven.” —Azzmador on the Baked Alaska episode free-for-all of Intersectional Alt-Right (press F)
The Right Stuff ~$1,046/month (444 transactions) ~8/month, not including articles Too many to list.

Notice a pattern here? At ~$8,646/month, /ourguys/ look like they hammer out more content at an overall lower cost. Not even Nostradamus predicted that men beat women in the efficiency metric.

How far could our movement progress if we doubled our monthly income? We mean in the case that teeming hordes of needy, beta manlets repurposed their hard-earned savings for more radical agendas. How much faster can we envision our women changing if the Alt-Light chickadees started teaching them how to function as Überfrauen versus repeating lukewarm news items in a slightly right-of-centre fashion?

Parting shots

Quite frankly, we find the showering of money on women as completely deplorable and antithetical to the foundations of the Alt-Right, one of which regards women’s role in society as supportive instead of leading. Men blaze the trails and the females follow. This story rings true throughout time.

If you possess deep pockets and wish to fund all alternative media, regardless of how hardcore they write, go for it. However, prioritise the sites managed by the most extreme men first. Course-correcting our respective societies requires drastic measures and women do not come wired with the sort of fortitude we need to achieve our goals within the short timeframe allotted to us before the baby boomer generation croaks, leaving whites at a 30-40% demographic in some countries.

Deporting all non-whites, irrespective of that XATRY Jew/mystery meat/whatever your Hausfrau knows since childhood, necessitates strong wills instead of emotional exceptions to the rule, which women seem to encounter when they work to subvert the iron fist, intentionally or unconsciously. Very little time remains, gentlemen. Keep pushing that Overton Window to the right.


5 thoughts on “Politits versus Alt-Right: funding analysis

  1. Spot on. I’m actually working on some ideas to turn this around. I can tell you that the estimate for me is very very generous. For April I am in the low double digits. The problem has several facets. First: using a service like Patreon is pretty much out of the question because when you read their TOS “Gas the kikes” is pretty much a guarantee that they are going to toss you off. Second, human nature is what it is and people for the most part are not going to pay for something that they already get for free but since our primary goal is to get our message out we can’t exactly start charging for people to hear it. I pointed out before that if everyone who listened to my show donated like 4 dollars a month the results would be amazing but of course that never happens. What generally happens is I get perhaps 3 people send me $10 or less and one that will send more. None of us are doing this thinking we’re going to get rich (if we are than we’re idiots) but people paying server costs out of their own pockets and spending hours and hours with no compensation so everyone can benefit from the end product isn’t sustainable either.


  2. Your estimate for monthly output on dailystormer is waaaaaaay off.

    You used the forum to check how many articles were written in a given month, and got a result of 50. 50 is just the maximum number of results the forum software will give you. You get 50 no matter what dates you put in.

    In reality, Stormer publishes over 650 articles per month on average. I publish between 50-80 per month myself, and my output is dwarfed by andrew’s. We have several other writers as well, who write 1-3 per day.

    Good analysis otherwise, though!


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