Living in low-trust societies

The shilllibs who champion diverse societies as a measurement of advancement must travel more. Specifically, we recommend they live in vibrant locations like Brazil or anywhere else in Latin America. Then, they can see their egalitarian ideals evaporate before their eyes in real time. Nothing beats the day you watch them lose respect for the locals.

Ever the altruists, United Shitlords compiled a short list of idiosyncrasies which come with living in non-white countries. We wish that these anecdotes ease your transition into the globalist hellscape intended for your once great homeland. In the best case, you harness the rage these revelations bring you and direct it in some sort of constructive manner for the movement.

Street parade in Dublin, IRELAND.
Modern society offers no distinctions from a street circus.
  • All the ATMs in the country cease working at the same time. You needed cash for some business which rejects card transactions? Too bad;
  • Due to theft by governmental employees, payments for services and the service location differ. Perhaps, that means the billing counter lies a few metres in the same building or a different institution (like a bank) across town handles receiving the whopping $16 for your driver’s license renewal. Factor that extra trip into your day;
  • The government invalidates all birth certificates. Thanks to your fellow countrymen for defrauding the civil registry system and granting citizen’s privileges to foreigners. If you left that country a long time ago, this poses an enormous pain as doing the process remotely takes a lot longer;
  • For similar sinister reasons, natal certificates become useless after three (3) months or so. This makes some expats’ heads spin, because births remain valid until death. Any time your passport expires, you start any new level of school (or change schools), or you renew your government ID, fork over $10 for yet another document you own already;
  • If you break down roadside, no one stops to help you. Since many people fake mechanical failures to rob people, most avoid the risk. Oh, and companies like Triple A lack service agreements with local operators. Enjoy your $80 tow fee!
  • In the same vein, in the case someone ran over you while walking down the street, forget a helping hand appearing and taking you to a local hospital. Medical providers attempt to pin the cost of treatment on the person who brought in the patient if that guy’s insurance fails the validity test. No one cares to deal with that, so they prefer to let you bleed dry on the sidewalk;
  • Nobody working in any government offices knows anything useful about their job. A cousin put them in this position and there they stay until the next election (maybe longer if the political party retains power). If you manage to get someone on the phone who answers your question, that occurs after transferring extensions and repeating yourself at least three times, and you walk away without any guarantee of that information’s veracity;
  • Hey, what about those state-funded scholarships and grants? Yeah, those go to someone’s niece or nephew as well. Unless your friend works on the inside, kiss that possibility goodbye;
  • Random, great statutes existing in the constitution or civil code get ignored by the ministry officials tasked with implementing the laws. Unless they provisioned it and their procedures include it, which lasts years in some instances, consider that avenue for redressing grievances against the state as dead. Good luck suing the government to assert your “rights” too;

This abbreviated list functions as a glimpse into the future of white countries as those mystery meat hires climb higher on the pork barrel that masquerades itself as gainful employment opportunities in the public sector. Ask yourselves the simple question: if these people behave as such in their homelands, what benefit could we derive from hauling them into ours and what chance stands of our country heading down the path of adopting these qualities? As we railed against customer support previously, add this to your list of reasons to fight against multiculturalism at every opportunity. Additionally, share this article with all the dippy, coffee chain slurping, trustpunks you knew before transforming into the Alt-Right menace you LARP as today.


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