Resolving the Alt-Right’s woman question

We get it. Power and popularity attract girls across all spectra and fields. This story repeats itself throughout history.

However, we landed in interesting times, wherein women received decades of conditioning that convinced them of their ability to execute any action to as high of a level as a man’s performance and on a consistent basis. It comes as no surprise that, as a burgeoning movement, the Alt-Right find themselves working to scrape off these dingleberry dames who smell fame and opportunity in the form of an endless sea of beta orbiters’ attention in addition to showers of trinkets via Amazon wishlists plus cash from Patreon donations. You desire the spotlight while your remaining in the kitchen pleases us greatly.

As problem solvers, United Shitlords believe that, along with their role as happy house maidens, these chicks serve another purpose for which no one floated to this point. Let’s arrive at a solution which benefits both parties. Since you birds want exude some significant usefulness to the Alt-Right, we require the following from you:

  1. Stop producing political analysis and content. Forget achieving the same height of interestingness and depth that Daily Stormer, The Right Stuff, Radio Aryan, Occidental Dissent, etc. crank out weekly. You lack the wiring and agency for it;
  2. Start making children’s shows for Red Ice;
Yes, you can!

Instead of recording 20 minutes of lukewarm commentary where you cold read your interviewees due to your utter laziness and lack of preparation, asking them the same questions they answered in previous interviews, and bringing next to nothing to the table aside from cleavage and a slightly prettier than average face, you stand poised to fill a niche. The Alt-Right suffer from a dearth of non-pozzed programming fit for users under seven (7) years of age. Help corner the market and everyone wins.

Think of all the topics to cover from an Alt-Right perspective: community, family, duty, responsibility, dependability, etc. How about a set of shows where all the hosts and actors belong to the white race? Imagine parking your kid in front of the projector without harbouring any reservations on whether or not the skits seek to prime the minds of today’s youth for the degeneracy which awaits them in the public school system.

Apart from increasing Red Ice’s member base, the ultra hidden agenda involves providing an alternative to Netflix and network entertainment. We intend to replace existing structures instead of working to tear down the machine. If the Alt-Right supply viable alternatives without the Marxist mindmash, the transition to our side appears obvious to the average normie. Without solid support from the masses, a sure death remains for the Old Media.

Herein lies your new, most important task. Nothing you publish on your channels comes close to the potential impact of this upon the culture at large. As raising and educating the younglings until the time arrives for the man to take control falls squarely on your sloped shoulders, we challenge you as females to develop an efficient means of affecting cultural reform through early childhood education distributed on the Internet.


3 thoughts on “Resolving the Alt-Right’s woman question

  1. I like it! A great suggestion of what women can do that would actually be a positive contribution in an area that isn’t being filled.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. still no mention of producing children. guess that makes you another hypocrite cuck. who are we producing children’s shows for? for brown children?

    either get on board with making more white babies right now, or shut your cowardly pie hole.
    and don’t give me a bunch of regurgitated Roosh-V isms. I’m sick of hearing that hairy brown Persian telling me that white men should avoid white women. muh based brown man wants to exterminate the white race


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