Best of 2017 in Music

Retrowave image reading, "Now That Is What We Call Fashy".
Volume 2017

What a current year full of ups and downs! Not surprising that music in the Alt-Right reflects this roller coaster of political turmoil and snakes across the cultural minefield. We compiled a list of what can be considered some of the greatest tracks released by artists in the movement during 2017 for your aural pleasure.

As you relax, unwind, and reflect upon the dramatic rightward shift of the Overton Window over the last 12 months, remember that Unser Kampf began not so long ago. The road stretches ever onward and much ground awaits to be covered. Nonetheless, take a moment to congratulate yourselves on all the wins this current year brought, think of ways to surpass these victories, and prepare to propel our narrative further into the whitegeist.


Listen to these in order. This compilation contains something for everybody. Enjoy, and thanks to all the artists listed here.

Title Artist
Gas The Xenos, Galactic War Now! CYBERNAZI
NAZI Mr. Liqz
I’m in Love With the Girl With the Nazi Tattoo Sacco Vandal
Memes Come True Emily Youcis
Gassing Kikes and Trannies Performed by Morrakiu, lyrics by Christopher Cantwell
DyRo In Chains — Proud Of My Bowl Goy Beorge (a.k.a. Goy Bowlge a.k.a. THOTWAFFEN a.k.a. ThatHolocaustOverThere)
Stiff Upper Lip Byron de la Vandal
Dear Donald Mr. Bond
DEGENERACY the Mamas & the Pepes
Yer So Trad Jesse Dunston (a.k.a. Seventh Son a.k.a. Sven)
New Day of the Vow Paddy Tarleton
Soul Light Filbert Apple Bag
The Kingdom of Eternal Rain Greyfield Stray
Home ft. Minette Fourie Xurious

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