Enough with the leftward creep

Paul Nehlen dropped a barrage of juise missiles on the political scene during the last couple weeks when he tweeted Kevin MacDonald’s Culture of Critique. Anglin posted his take on the matter, and we agree with him on nearly the whole article. We differ on the notion of “you cannot win an election in 2018 […] when you are openly talking about Jews in the way that Nehlen is.”

Some attribute David Duke’s loss last year to his open stance against these Pharisees and use this as “proof” such politicos lack viability. On the countrary, we consider his failure to attain elected office as a combination of the entire establishment shilling against him, the doxing of his financial backers by Jewish advocacy groups, a comparative lack of funding, and a media blackout on the debate. Nonetheless, let’s withhold the surprise when these tactics get redeployed this year and not pretend that—if Nehlen gets owned—the blame falls on his wishing John Podhaaretz a shotgun mouthwash.

In the next two years, count on many more men on upcoming ballots throwing off the shackles of silence and screaming about these Semites. However, what makes anyone imagine that more politicians risk finding their balls and mimicing Nehlen if shitlords on their side mess the bed when they say what everyone craves them to shout from the rooftops? Also, why assume our pool consists of David Duke and Paul Nehlen and that no others care to join?

Thinking like that runs counter to how meme magick works. We inject our ideas and talking points into the ideoplex and run a full-court press until the enemy tires. If a full stadium focus their pyromaniacal intentions on a haystack in the middle of the field, watch that straw pile alight and burn brightly!

If you harbour any doubts, please review this short list of the people who agree with your position on discouraging politicians’ public acknowledgement of the Jewish Problem:

    • (((Mike Cernovich)));
    • Steve Bannon, an alcoholic Zionist;
    • the rest of the Alt-Lite civic nationalists;
    • cuckservatives;
    • the Jewish media;
Always do the opposite of what the Jews say.
Look around you and the proper response appears.

Want to toss in your lot with those people? High on the list of the last things we need appears an entry for “our thought leaders countersignalling /ourguys/”. If you disagree when someone in a race for political office calls out the Jews, you posess the following options:

  1. argue against his actions actively;
  2. support another candidate (assuredly someone to the left of him);
  3. say nothing;

Guess which of those options holds the course and prevents a leftward shift of the Overton Window? When treating a sick patient, first do no wrong. Second, identify the root cause of the symptoms. In our societies, Jews represent the underlying malady manifesting itself in so many areas.

Pussyfooting around the JQ brings us no closer to routing these Heebs. It leaves nationalists in the same position during the Trump campaign when memelords waited in vain for him to name the Jew. Meanwhile, all the effects of allowing the chosenites in white countries continue unchecked by everyone else in the electoral arena. We cannot conceive of fixing our nations without running candidates who go hard against the kikes.

Finally, Trump raised the bar very high for politicians. Generation Zyklon—heaps of whom vote for this first time this year—need a bombastic, ZFG, take-no-prisoners type of goy to motivate them to poll. Otherwise, assume these kids stay home, pounding Tinder thots, or getting lost in the vidya instead of mustering enough agency to cast a ballot. Furthermore, we note them firing shots at you, thought leaders, for what amounts—rightly so—to cucking in their eyes. They put you on the gas roster a long time ago though, you filthy former degenerates, so not much changes your fate either way.


One thought on “Enough with the leftward creep

  1. The value in having more and more prominent people bringing up the Jews actually far exceeds the value in whether or not we win a single election. We were never going to fix our long term problems with the democracy in the first place, or has that belief changed? For those who think winning a single Congressional seat somehow = total victory, they should bear in mind how long Ron Paul was in Congress and he achieved what, exactly?

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