Resolving the Alt-Right’s woman question

We get it. Power and popularity attract girls across all spectra and fields. This story repeats itself throughout history. However, we landed in interesting times, wherein women received decades of conditioning that convinced them of their ability to execute any action to as high of a level as a man’s performance and on a consistent basis. […]

Living in low-trust societies

The shilllibs who champion diverse societies as a measurement of advancement must travel more. Specifically, we recommend they live in vibrant locations like Brazil or anywhere else in Latin America. Then, they can see their egalitarian ideals evaporate before their eyes in real time. Nothing beats the day you watch them lose respect for the locals. […]

Politits versus Alt-Right: funding analysis

Inspired by Beardson Beardly’s Thot Wars video, Andrew Anglin’s recent article addressing the #WQ, and several conversations at the Shitlord Castle High Council, we ran an comparative analysis of the cash flow of a sample of the “pretty faces” in the alternative political scene. The Politits, as we call them here, glom onto whatever political movement reaches […]

Our cultural appropriation by Jews

The Judenpresse squeal intermittently about “cultural appropriation” in addition to various other nonsenses. Just like their Freudian psychology, it reflects a mere projection of their inner machinations. Consider Jews as the triple Oy Gevalt gangstas of stealing other folks’ cultures. In recent history, we look no further than the simple surname as an indication of […]

Fighting degeneracy begins at home

For a few moments, we take a break from editing the next article in the Sharp-dressed Shitlords series to write a quick 500 or so words on a trending pattern in some Alt-Right podcasts. United Shitlords avoid assuming that everyone shares the view presented in this article. Someone needs to address the topic at hand and, since […]

Basic men’s informal attire: Shirts

Shirts, like shoes, depend on the choices you made earlier in this series while determining other parts of your outfit. Mostly, other pieces of your suit inform the colour and pattern of your dress shirt. The collar of your shirt limits options when it comes to tie knots, too. Fashion requires foresight, after all. In […]