All good, strapping, young gentlemen need extra ammunition in their vocabularies to combat the onslaught of cerebral softening thrown at them by various forms of mental malaise. We expand upon the great TRS Lexicon to bring you our fine entomological advancements. Search for these hashtags on Twitter and Gab.


The gradual indoctrination of the worship of Dildolech via Jew-run academia. Examples include teaching children about trannies and gay butt sex in primary school. What education could one consider complete without intersectional queer theory?


What proceeds the failed Niggocracy state. Basic services like water fall apart, because the acting government dindu nuffin. Denizens cry for help from outside sources. See Flint, MI in the US.


A form of argumentation used by dindus, SJWs, shilllibs, and other forms of subintellectual filth. Defines the rhetoric used to justify dinduism and hamsterise behaviours better explained by human biodiversity and IQ.


State religion of the Dinducracy. Involves believing that one deserves everything while contributing nothing (entitlements) and permitting intermittent chimp outs if the gibsmedats stop flowing. Absolves the individual of all responsibility and robs people of agency.


The economic policies implemented by a Dinducracy. Amounts to increasing taxes on the few citizens who pay them until that tax base leaves due to the white flight phenomenon associated with increasing minority populations. Gives rise to the Niggocracy.

Enwhitenment, the

Mass awakening of people of European descent to the demographic replacement happening in their countries which (((globalists))) perpetrate. In fewer words, “White folk gettin’ woke.”


Killed. Lowercase always.


Israel, (((Our Greatest Ally))).


The end game of modern feminism wherein women rule supreme. Forget equality toward men in any form. Results in disproportional gibsmedats for scholarships, affirmative action, etc.


See Handrubbistan.


Peak Negro (macro) in government form. Corruption rules über alles with rampant crime. A subsample of how third-world countries operate with their “pay to play” schemes.


Women in the political scene.

Reckoning, The

Also known as “the day of the rope”. The time of judgement for all shilllibs and poz peddlers. All must atone for their transgressions against country and man.


Suicide. Lowercase always as well.


PG-13 form of “shitlib” and more accurate. Shitty liberals who shill for social justice as their primary job function. Ovenworthy.


A virtue or quality which enables shitlording.


Based trolling by a shitlord with no semblance of troll’s remorse.

Suicide, A

Collective noun for a group of cuckservatives. Similar to a murder of crows. Avoid confusion with self-ez’d.


Spoken zaht nee not zate nee. Same as XATRY, except substituting “new” for “real”. Equally boring.


Pronounced zah tree or zay tree for Burgers. Acronym which expands to “X are the real Y.” Used often with an exclamation point! Examples:

  • Democrats are the real racists!
  • Leftists are the real fascists!
  • Moslems are the real feminists.

etc. One of the most mundane, tired, and lazy forms of argumentation by normies new to the Alternative Right (and shilllibs alike).