Basic men’s informal attire: Socks, slacks, and belts

From foot to phallus, this article covers you figuratively. While not as lengthy as others in this series, United Shitlords wish you learn a few tips from it and that it helps you evade some common mistakes committed by those just getting into business informal attire. As always, we welcome your feedback in the comment section […]

Basic men’s informal attire: Shoes

Shoes correspond to the foundation of a house, not only due to position but also how they determine other parts of your outfit. Any abode not built upon a solid structure falls apart when an earthquake hits (in this case, the end of your laundry cycle with few clean clothes on the rack). You frame out […]

Basic men’s informal attire: Introduction

After sitting on this article series for over a year, we found some spare agency to polish and release it. Over the course of the next few weeks, we present the Shitlord Castle bottom up approach to men’s informal wear. Thanks to the Salting the Earth and Exodus/Americanus podcasts for the inspiration to move this from the […]

Give white people goals again

The younger generations suffer from such terrible apathy that their once superb European future time orientation cannot picture any coming scenario outside watching the world rot slowly while they console themselves with dildotech, eight-minute pump and dumps from dating apps, and crushing depression. To avoid asking a rhetorical question, we know how this situation arose, […]

The inevitability of white supremacy

Disclaimer: The guarantee of inevitability hinges upon whites recognising the worldwide demographic situation and our not finding a way to leave this planet. Much of this article talks about events which lie in the future. Dream with us for a little while today while we delve into a bit of conquering. Lately, we hear a lot […]

Fashy podcasting with free software

Perhaps, you received an invitation to speak on a live stream or Alt-Right podcast. If you possess high agency, maybe you set aside time to create your own. Either way, time to gear up and get ready for mixing and editing your audio! Allow us to share a simple, low-cost setup that works well here […]

Lax visa policies hurt developing countries

Make no mistake, the Jew-owned legacy media pumps out some gems occasionally. We on the Alt-Right might miss these nuggets of lulz due to our reading of more accurate news sites like the Daily Stormer. One of our ranks caught this juicy bit of RealTalk™ before it got buried in the poz and degeneracy and […]