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American Nationalism

US flag with the caption, "American wasn't founded by uppity sportsball niggers."
Not uppity sportsball niggers
Image of a rocket before launch with the caption, "White people dream of touching the stars."
of touching the stars
Bald eagle with the caption, "> yfw niggers kneel during the national anthem".
gb2/Africa plz
Bald eagle with the caption, "whites saved this bird".
If not for us, no bald eagles.
Bald eagle cawing with the caption, "Wake up, white man! The Jews are ruining our country."
Eagle on a US flag with the constitution writing at the bottom with the caption, "The jews destroy all things American".
Unless you stop them
Ballroom dance with the caption, "Forget the 6 million, remember cotillion".
The future depends on it.

Anti-whites/race realism

Excerpt from index page of 19th century birth registry showing whites having the fewest children when compared to mulattoes and blacks.
You will not outbreed them.
Graffiti on a wall with the feminism symbol reading, "THERE IS A BULLET FOR EVERY RAPIST IF HE IS WHITE".
Due to the bullet shortage, we’re shooting white rapists only until further notice.
Skittles advert with text replaced, "Taste the white power."
Taste the white power!
Imagination Land from the South Park episode with the caption, "MISCEGENATION LAND".
Until we’re all one amorphous brown goo.
Standard negro stereotype meme image with standard white mask superimposed over the face.
We have found the perpetrator of this heinous crime.
Young, black man holding a pistol sideways with the caption, "Excuse me, sir. Do you have a moment to talk about race relations?"
Excuse me, sir. Do you have a moment to talk about race relations?
Tyron the nigger meme image entirely blackfaced with a white question mark in the centre.
We may never know the perpetrator of this heinous crime.
Chearleading squad with all white standing and one black kneeling, captioned, "151 years later still a foreigner"
Some things never change.
Profile of Hitler with the caption, "/ouguy/".
Fürher immer.
Hitler Jungend with the caption, "Look out, stand clear, Generation Zyklon is here".
Burned statue of Lincoln with the caption, "Chicongo logic: destroy Lincoln's statue a.k.a. the 'Great Emancipator' signed the Emancipation Proclamation in 1863 to abolish slavery."
Warning: extreme cognitive dissonance ahead.
Image of a lady behind the curtains with the caption, "Those niggers are at it again."
Belgian castle with the caption, "Hey white man, your ancestors built this."
Nothing rivals European architecture.



Removing the letters "u" and "k" from the word "cuck".
Take the U. K. out of cuck.
#Brexit #VoteLeave #Leave #StrongerOut
Woman sitting on a park bench flanked by two burka-wearing women. Caption reads, "THIS IS BRITAIN'S FUTURE #BREXIT #VOTELEAVE".
Future Britain in an alternate reality.


Paul Ryan in workout clothes having sex with a cartoon chimpanzee.
#DumpRyan #FirePaulRyan #VoteNehlen
Michelle Fields, agape, with a massive load of semen on her face.
She must have known it would come to this.
Screenshot of Loren Feldman's Twitter page showing suggested accounts which are controlled opposition as well.
Make no mistake, folks!
Suggested logo, Renegades of Cuck, for Bill Kristol's Renegade party.
The mighty renegades!
Olivia Nuzzi with a Trump hat pasted onto her head.
We’ll turn that man-jawed cuckservative into a Trump supporter if it’s the last thing we do!
YAF photo op with Ben Shapiro with logo changed to read, "You're America's fun tool".
You’re America’s fun tool!
Megyn Kelly using fingers to demonstrate the length of something. Caption reads, "MY CLIT IS THIS LONG".
Man-mandibled Megyno Kelly confirming the length of her clitoris.
DarkTriadMan wielding a giant steel dildo.
Draw steel, churl!
DarkTriadMan's head shooped into a ren faire turkey leg vendor's costume.
Draw meal, churl!


Fake blood trail left on the floor after Milo Yiannopoulos's speech at Rutgers University.
Roosh V making a point with the caption, "FEMINISM MAH BOIIIII".
Vital and census records collage
Collage of vital and census records
Image of a white couple at a picnic with the caption, "This could be us, but you're a thot."
but you’re a thot
Cartoon of a short-haired, red-bearded tranny with the caption, "Seems legit".
Image of a white couple kissing with the caption, "This could be us, but you're a thot."
you weren’t a thot


Unlike me, she's actually capable of running the country.
Get the hook.
«Ceux qui viennent en France, ce n'est pas pour la transformer dans leur pays d'origine. Sinon, ils leur suffisaient de rester chez eux.» -- Marine Le Pen
hão hão hão
"Those who come to France are to accept France, not to transform it to the image of their country of origin. If they want to live at home, they should have stayed at home." --Marine Le Pen
But what about that magic dirt, though?
Kebabs impaled on baguettes.


Ben Shapiro's head grafted into a bar of soap.
It’s anudda shoah!
Red background with white text wrapping three sets of black parentheses captioned, "PARENTHESES ((())) CRUISE CONTROL FOR JEWS".
Obese woman Mexican legislator with the caption, "Wants to ban memes. Can't self-ban from carbs".
We have some incongruence in the regulation department.
Let’s go with “Uncomfortable facts” for $300, Alex.
Max Boot's head grafted into a bar of soap.
It’s anudda soap Boot!
The philosoraptor meme asking, "If Jew is just a religion, why is there such a thing as atheist Jews?"
Philosoraptor asks the tough questions.
Duck Duck Go search for "Why do Jews r" with autocomplete suggestions.
The Jewish answers.
Ben Shapiro's face melded onto a lampshade.
It’s anudda shoah for Shady Ben.
Picture of a large, industrial oven with the text, "NO JEWS ALLOWED".
Reverse psychology.


Infographic delineating crime statistics by race
Use this to troll #BlackLivesMatter.
Infographic detailing why Moslems fail to integrate into European society.
Diversity macht frei, ja?
If population trends continue, Britain will be a majority Moslem nation by 2050.
Enjoy your demographic decline, goyim.
Translation credit to Torquemada on Daily Stormer BBS.
Translation credit to Torquemada on Daily Stormer BBS.
Translation credit to Torquemada on Daily Stormer BBS.
Translation credit to Torquemada on Daily Stormer BBS.
Germany's hiding Moslem crimes: Only 17 of 2.000 attacks appear in the police crime statistics.
Germany covers up Moslem crime.
Moslem migrants in Germany committed 142.500 crimes in the first six months of 2016. That's 780 every day.
Very high TCO of diversity.


Tendencias de población Tendances démographiques Les immigrants musulmans Fondamentalisme religieuxL'Allemagne cache crimesAlemania esconde crímenesFundamentalismo islámicoMusulmans Français

A third of "French" Moslems want the full application of Sharia law.
What about your proposition nation, goy?

Musulmanes francesesZones interdites

Presence of thousands of weapons of war in 572 "no-go" zones invaded by migrants
Your dispossession looms.

Zonas de exclusiónTendências demográficasZonas de exclusiãofr_chariaport-01Muçulmanos francesesMusulmanes francesosZones d'exclusióZone d'esclusione

Islamist Sharia Law Patrol in Germany deemed free speech.
Who voted for this?

Patrouille de ChariaPatrulla islámica

Translation by Torquemada on the DS BBS.
Translation by Torquemada on the DS BBS.
Translation by Torquemada on the DS BBS.
Translation by Torquemada on the DS BBS.
Translation by Torquemada on the DS BBS.
Translation by Torquemada on the DS BBS.
Translation by @Torquemada on DS BBS.
Translation by @Torquemada on DS BBS.
Translation by @Torquemada on DS BBS.
Translation by @Torquemada on DS BBS.
Translation by @Torquemada on DS BBS.
Translation by @Torquemada on DS BBS.


Advert for a '56 Dodge.
Summer of Hate edition.


Angry Moslem protesting with the caption, "> yfw the rug store is closing".
Behead those who keep early hours!
Moslem protester with the caption, "C'mon! All I want to do is rape your women. Peacefully, you know?"
We can be rational about my sexual emergencies.
Protein World's Beach Body Ready advert modified with Moslem women in a Sharia-compliant swimsuit.
Are you Moslem mayor ready?
Classic "Keep calm" British meme with the caption, "KEEP CALM AND ENJOY YOUR MUZZERS".
#Brexit #VoteLeave #Leave #StrongerOut

Transformación drastica Transformation drastique

How can a drastic and critical transformation of a country such as mass acceptance of foreign migrants be allowed without the democratic consultation of its population?
No one voted for this.

450.000 migrants par an

Trudeau wants 450M Canadians by 2050.
How about these for some lofty goals?


Cartoon of an armchair philosopher with the caption, "hey man you need to prove to me on your own unpaid time that your view is valid in several thousand tweets of 140 characters even though you've written two or so books on the subject hahah don't have time for this bullshit? well looks like i win again".
How normies on Twitter argue with published authors.
Nick Denton's head pasted on the head of Tom from the Boondock's A Date with the Health Inspector episode.
You ain’t wash behind your ears and nothin’.
Crowd of Hillary supports with their hands raised captioned, "Who wants more undeserved entitlements?"
What Hillary supporters want in reality.
Boromir from the Fellowship of the Ring film. Caption reads, "ONE DOES NOT SIMPLY ENTER THE LABOUR FORCE".
Valid employment visa or GTFO.
Democratic senators sitting on the floor with the caption, "INVISIBLE BLOWBANG".
When fake Indians, dindus, and catladies attack!
Elizabeth Warren with arms held high behind Hillary Clinton. Caption reads, "DIVERSITY HIRE".
Affirmative action in action.


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